Tips for Planning the Perfect Family Ski Vacation

Some of the most popular vacations are on the beaches–coastal towns, tropical island getaways and the like. But those who don’t mind the cold, and even better; those who embrace and enjoy it, can have a fantastic vacation in the snowy mountains by going on an exciting ski trip. Skiing has long been a fun vacation pastime, and the fun in the snow followed by cozy hours wrapped in blankets by the fireplace or hitting the town for dinner. Ski vacations are fun for the whole family, and if you want to go on a ski trip for your next vacation, you can follow these tips to start planning now.

You should start by making a budget for your whole vacation. Look into your savings and other resources and figure out exactly how much you can afford to spend on your vacation. If you’re planning for something several months away, don’t be discouraged by a lack of funds–you’ll have plenty of time to save before your trip. Look into prices for airfare around the time of your vacation, as well as taxi and shuttle companies to get an estimate for cost of transportation from the airport to the resort. Talk to [Read more…]