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Fun for Facebook Fans
as Cedar Point Climbs to a Million Likes

SANDUSKY, Ohio, – If you “like” Cedar Point on Facebook, the Sandusky, Ohio, amusement park/resort has some money-saving deals and lots of fun waiting for you on Sundays at the park through the end of October.

Beginning this Sunday, Oct. 9 and all Sundays through Oct. 30, Cedar Point will be hosting the Climbing to a Million contest when current and new Facebook fans of Cedar Point will be able to receive a $10 discount on admission to the park ($39.99 per person) by downloading and printing a special voucher from Facebook and redeeming it at Cedar Point on any Sunday in October.

There is even more fun and prizes to be had for Facebook fans on Sundays at the park. On all Sundays in October, all Facebook fans at Cedar Point will receive a specially designed Facebook sticker. If a Facebook fan is spotted by an official fan-finder (only on Sundays), those Facebook fans could win valuable prizes such as complimentary merchandise, food or front-of-the-line privileges on a favorite ride.

And when the park reaches one million fans (before or after the season), a special fan will win the Ultimate Opening Day Experience that includes complimentary tickets to the park on Opening Day 2012, the first ride of the season on your favorite ride, plus tours and more. Plus, all Facebook fans will be able to [Read more…]

Kalahari Resort in Sandusky, Ohio

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Kalahari

Wheels of Thunder IV Returns to Cedar Point

SANDUSKY, Ohio – Trucks, cars, interactive displays and special appearances by drivers await race
fans as Wheels of Thunder returns to Cedar Point for the fourth consecutive year from Tuesday
through Thursday, Aug. 16-18 at the Sandusky, Ohio, amusement park/resort.

Different drivers will be visiting the park every day with public appearances planned for each day
of the three-day event. Guests may also be able to win a special ride with their favorite driver.
There will also be vehicles and exhibits on display all three days near the Dodgem bumper cars on
the park’s main midway.

The event opens with ThorSport Racing Day on Tuesday, Aug. 16 when drivers from the NASCAR
Camping World Truck Series will be at the park. Visiting the park that day will be Johnny Sauter,
who is in second place in Driver Championship Points, two-time winner Matt Crafton and another
recent winner, Dakoda Armstrong, who won the Winchester 200 in Winchester, Va., earlier this
In addition to the driver appearances, there will also be three ThorSport trucks and the Michigan
International Speedway’s (MIS) interactive racing-themed trailer that features simulators, race
video, helmets and driver suits.

On Wednesday, Aug. 17, NASCAR driver Juan Pablo Montoya will be at the park to meet fans
and sign autographs. Afterward, 34 lucky contest-winners will be able to take a ride on the
Millennium Force roller coaster with him. Currently, he ranks 17th in the NASCAR Sprint Cup
Series standings and [Read more…]

Have a Howling Good Time at @GreatWolfLodge

This was perhaps my favorite spot that we visited, and I will tell you why. Everything was in one place- you didn’t have to go anywhere else once you got to your hotel- because your hotel was also your waterpark, restaurant, activity center (even a computer area for kids) and and more. And all I had to do was park the car!
Great Wolf Lodge in Sandusky, Ohio(Ohio’s first Great Wolf Lodge) is a great place to spend time with family, and would be a fantastic spot for a family reunion. Their huge indoor waterpark is reserved for guests only, thus guaranteeing that you will never have to wait on a long line. There is also an outdoor pool and waterpark area, open seasonally.

Once you arrive, you are greeted and checked in by friendly staff, and you make your way to your room. We stayed in one of the “themed” rooms, the “Wolf Den”. My children loved it, and I have to say so did dad and myself. It was really adorable, with a sectioned off “kid cave”, complete with bunk beds inside. There is a video came console and TV set in there as well, which you can pay to have access to.
The kids loved to play in there, and that it made them feel like they had their “own room”. I loved that it gave me some privacy, and that I could have some small degree of separation from them, while not really being separate from them at all. (Come on, we have all been on family vacations- the kids go wild, and sometimes it’s nice to be able to have a little “grown up space”. How many times can one really hear Mom? Mom? Mom! Mom?) I can still see them and hear them- there is no door- but they can go into the “cave” and play, and I can re-pack a suitcase or find a missing toothbrush in relative peace, LOL. The room was very large, very clean, had an excellent view of the outdoor waterpark- and even a little balcony you can sit on, or dry your wet bathing suits 🙂

I love the whole “Lodge” look and feel of the hotel- like place in the woods, but modern and with technology and conveniences and comforts, LOL. There were multiple restaurants, as well as a little snack/dessert shop, where you can grab ice cream, fudge, pastries- you know, all the “good” vacation foods! 🙂
Little Man and I deserted daddy and Kamikaze one morning (we were awake, they were not! hehe) and went to Lumber Jack’s Cook Shanty, where they served a family style breakfast at our table. This means that they brought food to our table- pre-fix food, not food that we choose or order- and you can have as much as you’d like. The food was very good, I have to say! It was very pricey, though- for an adult? 12$ plus tax and if you order a beverage, that is additional as well. For Little Man, since he was only 3, I only had to pay $3.49 for his cup of chocolate milk. (Nope, that was not a typo!) I was kind of shocked at the bill. But, it is what it is. At least the food was good- and Little Man can really pack away his breakfast! (I’m sure you have seen my posts on his love of breakfast, LOL- the boy is addicted! No cereal for him, no sir!) He ate more then his body weight in bacon and french toast sticks, I think. I was allowed to have ONE french toast stick- it was better then the ones I make 🙁
Poor me! It was crunchy, but soft inside. I can never get mine crunchy, unless I burn it, LOL. Everything was very [Read more…]

PEANUTS Happiness Is… @CedarPoint

SANDUSKY, Ohio – With the help of Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and the other PEANUTS
characters, Cedar Point will be celebrating what individual happiness really means during
PEANUTS Happiness Is… Week.

For one full week, Monday, Aug. 1 through Sunday, Aug. 7, the Sandusky, Ohio,
amusement park/resort will be holding special PEANUTS-themed events dedicated to
having fun.
Starting Monday, Camp Snoopy and Planet Snoopy will have tables filled with a variety
of fun activities for children to do as they take a break from all the rides and shows the
park has to offer.
Kids can partake in a PEANUTS-themed activity sheet that is filled with connect-the-dots,
tic-tac-toe, and much more. The sheets will also allow kids to gain early entry to the 4
p.m. performance of Everybody Loves Snoopy ice-skating show in the Good Time Theatre.
Along with the activity sheets, children will also be able to color their own Snoopy mask
to take home.

Guests will also have the opportunity to create a Chain of Happiness that will allow kids
to express themselves by writing on a strip of paper of what makes them happy. The
decorated strips of paper will then be linked together to form a giant chain that will be
put on display [Read more…]

Fun at Cedar Point, Ohio! @cedarpoint

Cedar Point to Host Guinness World Record Day
$36 Tickets to Benefit American Cancer Society

SANDUSKY, Ohio – For years Cedar Point has broken records with their high-flying coasters,
but now, guests at the Sandusky, Ohio, amusement park/resort can help the park set two new
world records.

On Guinness World Record Day at Cedar Point, Sunday, July 31, the park will attempt two new
world records: one for the most beach balls in the air at the same time and the second for the
greatest number of people applying sunscreen at the same time.

In addition to setting world records, guests will also be able to purchase tickets to the park
online at cedarpoint.com for only $36, a savings of nearly $12 per ticket. These special one-
day tickets will only be valid Sunday, July 31. Plus, a portion of the proceeds will be donated
to the Northern Ohio Chapter of the American Cancer Society.

Interested guests should be at the park by 9 a.m. to prepare for the first event, which will
start promptly at 9:30 a.m. The first event for the most beach balls in the air simultaneously
at a single venue is a brand new record. To qualify for the new record, a minimum of 250
beach balls must be individually juggled for [Read more…]

Travel With Kids- Some Thoughts

If you are like me, you want to make travel with your kids as easy and pain free as possible. Road trips are not for the meek of heart- here are a few ideas on how to make them easier, more fun, and how to avoid unnecessary trouble along the way.

1) PLAN!!! You need to plan as much as you can- but be prepared to be flexible and make changes along the way. Be like the tree…..sturdy, rooted,…and pliable 😛

2) Where are you going? Do you have favorite places to eat, or know what restaurants are in the area? How about activities, theme parks, other events? I assume there are things you plan on DOING while on vacation, right? Soooo….bring coupons! No reason to pay full price. Take advantage of travel deals, coupons, text message percentages off, and all sorts of other ways to save money! Great places for information? BLOGS. Yes, of course the places you will be traveling will showcase the deals of the minute- but your favorite bloggers and deal sites can also give you the insider info- the real what’s what, and point out some other fab deals. Checl out travel blogs, savings and deal blogs, area blogs- AND the visitors bureau of the area you will be travelling to (and through! don’t forget those!). SAVE YOUR MONEY!

3) Have a newly potty trained, or potty training kiddo? Bring a little potty along- keep it accessible- and some sani-wipes as well to clean it out after using. Nothing worse then a wet kid in a wet seat on a LONG drive! Plus- who needs more laundry? Don’t push it- just pull over if they have to go. Yes, it’s annoying. They are kids- being annoying is sort of thier “thing” LOL

4) Bring laundry detergent, stain stick (for those “fun” accidents), and a laundry bag. Chances are great that you will be doing some if you are gone more then a few days!

5) Don’t fight the silly/small things. Is your kid insistent on bringing a bag of stuffed toys he sleeps with? Wearing a tutu for the whole trip? Maybe- like mine- won’t sleep in a hotel bed and makes me bring his pack and play even though he is nearly 4 and sleeps in a bed at home???? (Did I mention I hate that?) Whatever- you can fight them, and have a whiney, buggary kid on your trip, or just go with it. For me? Sleep is more precious then his sleeping (or not sleeping) in the area I would prefer. I bring the pack [Read more…]

My kids at Kings Island, Ohio

Here we are at Kings Island in Mason, Ohio. This pic is of my kids (and DH) on their very first roller coaster ride! “The Great Pumpkin Coaster” is super cute, and just enough thrills to keep them happy and excited without scaring the pants off them! It was in the specially designed area of Kings Island called “Planet Snoopy'”, for kids who may not be able to enjoy all the [Read more…]