What Time Is It: Watch Rules Every Guy Should Know

We are going to talk about our favorite accessories for men, something that every guy should have, talking about, of course, a watch. Watches complete outfits; they can also be considered the finishing touch of your style. Whether you’re walking a suit and when you have a nice watch on, it looks amazing.

Pretty much you have a watch on yourself whatever your outfit is because it definitely add that detail and completes the outfit, but before you decide which watch you’re going to be wearing or buying, let’s go over the rules that we all need to follow to make sure that we’re looking our best.

Not too many guys follow these rules, I see a lot of guys making some mistakes here and there, so let’s go over them to make sure you’re not one of them.

Rule 1: Small Watch Faces

Please don’t wear a watch with a face that is way too big, a few years ago these big watches were trendy, they were popular, but that time is long gone. Big face watches don’t look good, small faces rule the world now, and they’ll be in style forever. 

They are more classy, they’ve been around forever, and you don’t want this humongous thing on your wrist anyway. It doesn’t look right, it’s just too clunky, but how do you figure out whether or not a watch is too big? 

There’s no specific size for a watch to be considered too big. I can’t tell, but it really depends on the size of your wrist. Your watch is an addition to your outfit, and it’s a detail. 

Rule 2: Find The Right Strap

A lot of people prefer going with stainless steel for an everyday watch because it’s just easy. Others like the rubberized strap or a nice leather strap, it all depends on what’s comfortable for you. You should choose the best automatic watches that fit you guys, whether it is stainless, rubber, or leather. 

It also depends on your personal style, if you’re usually walking more formal outfits then the rubber strap is just not going to work for you, the leather strap is probably way better, and if you’re into more casual clothing, then stainless steel or rubber would fit in really well. Buy a strap that is going to be easy to mix and match with the majority of your favorite outfits.

Rule 3: Which Wrist To Wear The Watch

Rule number three, finding out which wrist to wear your watch. Most people are going to wear their watches on their non-dominant hand or wrist, so if you’re right-handed, you are going to wear it on your left wrist. 

That is actually why most people wear their watches on their left hands because over eighty percent of the population is right-handed. The reason for wearing on your non-dominant side is because we are more active with our dominant hands. We carry anything with it. We pick our phones with it, we write with it, so you don’t want to risk damaging the watch you are wearing. 

You also don’t want your watch to get in your way because you’re trying to grab something, and it gets in the way when you are using your hand. But the truth is there is no correct side, just choose the wrist that is most comfortable to you. 

Rule 4: Watch Placement 

Another rule that most guys overlook is where your watch should be placed on your wrist. This is a big one because I see a lot of guys making this mistake. Your watch should be strapped before your wrist bone. It goes above that. 

That way, you are not losing mobility when it’s too close to your hands, it’s going to annoy you because it is going to get in the way when you do things and it is not very comfortable.

Rule 5: No Loose Straps

Please make sure that the strap fits your wrist. I can’t say this enough like I’ve seen so many guys having an expensive watch, but it’s like dancing up and down. That is so annoying to see, and it’s like how is that comfortable, it just slides up and down your wrist. It’s hitting the top of your hand, coming on a loose watch is the opposite of what you want, it’s not classy, and it gives you a sloppy look. 


Today watches right now have two main purposes, it tells you what time it is and watches are great accessories. People wear watches nowadays as an accessory to enhance their style and appearance. Again and again, I say that style keeps us going with our everyday lives and boosts our confidence every time you look good or stylish, so always have that positive attitude when it comes to style. 

How to Mix and Match an Asymmetric Kurti for a Refreshing Look

The new-age of Indian fashion has come with many styling options for the Indian woman. Whether she is a housewife or a working-class woman. They are free-spirited and want to try every fashionable piece that they can get. As from the trendy styles, chic looks and ethnic pieces they love adorning to the colorful outfits that are all the craze in town. The women love transforming their ethnic pieces to more contemporary looks to upgrade their traditional pieces and flaunt their fashionable tastes. Hence with the various types of Kurtis available, the asymmetric Kurti has become a popular look that you can see with most women. Here are some of the various ways that you can mix and match this asymmetric kurtis to boost your style game.

Style with fitting churidar

Firstly, fitting churidar is an ideal choice to style an asymmetric high low KurtisThis brings out a vintage look with a chic touch. When wearing these bottoms ensure that it has enough churis and the pants are fitting to achieve a good look. Choose a print asymmetric Kurti to style with cream, white or black churidar. Alternatively, you can decide to wear a color block combination of a blue asymmetric kurta paired with a brown churidar which is perfect for a casual day out. When you choose this as your mix and match option complete the look with a beautiful statement neckpiece, wedges and hold your hair up into a loose braid for that playful look.

Pair with skirts   

Do you want to achieve a carefree bohemian look with your asymmetric Kurti? Pair it with a lungi skirt and you will love the outcome. This look helps you embrace the bohemian look and not all women can pull it off. It requires women with a bold sense of fashion and those who love experimenting with different looks. Choose one option of your asymmetric Kurtis that has large motifs on a colorful print with a contrasting skirt. This is an indo-western look that you can adorn to social gatherings, casual parties among other events. Accessorize with a tote bag, earthy makeup and a pair of pencil heels. Try this look and shine your inner bohemian diva.

Mix and match with cigarette pants

If you need a professional look with an asymmetric Kurtis. A pair of cigarette pants to match this Kurti is the right option for that descent and traditional look. These pants are also known as straight pants and they are comfortable especially during the summer season. Since you are looking for a professional look. A monochrome blend is best, for instance, one of cream color. Optionally, you can style the same cream asymmetric Kurti with brown or black pants which is also an excellent look for such an event. Balance out the embellishments of this ensemble as well. For instance, when the Kurti is embroidered it matches well with a plain linen cigarette pant. Nude makeup, a duffel bag, and flat mojris are great accessories to accentuate this outfit and also to flaunt during the office party. 

Style with palazzo pants 

As for a traditional gathering look. Styling an asymmetric Kurti with palazzo pants is a win for this occasion. Choose comfortable and cool cotton palazzo pants since this is a heavy look. A royal trail of asymmetric Kurti styles with chanderi, georgette or cotton with cotton palazzo pants is an ideal ensemble. The palazzo you choose is best when it has an inner lining since it makes the palazzo more durable. To boost this traditional look and to flaunt out your sassiness. Wear the Indian printed headgear or and embroidered one, a matching embroidered clutch and a traditional chain. Choose nude lips and Smokey eyes for your makeup look and you have a complete ethnic diva look.

Blend with shiny metallic tights 

Although there are many other pants that you can blend with your asymmetric Kurti. For a more vibrant look, the shiny metallic pants are a better option. Choose these shiny tights or neutral leggings for that Sunday brunch look. Plus, consider those that are in a vibrant hue in silver, gold or bright orange color. This looks stunning in a white or jet black asymmetric Kurti that is sleeveless. Additionally, this look is best to add an illusion of sleekness and height for those who aim for it.  It is also proof that an exquisite look lies in minimalisation. Accessorize it with a neutral tone earring, a lovely plain scarf, a bold red lip, and a braided ponytail for your outstanding look.

Pair with denim 

Not only has the kaftan style Kurti paired well with a pair of denim. An asymmetric Kurti that falls on one side is also a great choice that matches a pair of denim. The best denim that will give you that refreshing look is the skinny denim which also gives a beautiful fusion look. This is a good look for college students but also it fits as an office look. Nonetheless, ensure that you wear with minimal accessories. Choose a simple color for the Kurti keeping in mind that pairing style is denim. Hold your hair into a ponytail and pair with flats or wedges and complete your look.

To sum up, the above mix and match looks show some of the best ways to style an asymmetric Kurti. These ways can also work with other types of Kurtis and of course other types of Indian outfits like the Anarkali. Whether you are interested to have a whole traditional look or a fusion look with your asymmetric Kurti all of this is possible. Therefore, know the style that flatters your body type and also you can experiment with some of the above. On the other hand, you can choose to also go bottomless and wear your asymmetric Kurti with no bottoms as a single dress. That you can wear to an evening party or on a date night for it is also a refreshing look.


Whenever we go out with family or hang out with friends, what is the first thing that us girls comment on? ‘’OMG, I LOVE WHAT YOU ARE WEARING!’’, ‘’WHERE DID YOU GET THAT DRESS FROM GIRLLL?’’. From our hair to our shoes, everything is seen, focused on and complemented by our girlfriends. Even our Instagram comments consist of remarks related to our attire by people. Thus, you should always dress well and have a variety of outfits in your wardrobe; be it from cocktail dresses online to nearby shops.

A big misconception that comes with dressing up and being clad in trendy, chic clothes is that is it very expensive. This is partially the truth and not an exaggerated fact. However, this is not always the case. If you have the correct sense of style, a good eye, the ability to mix and match, you can create a wonderful outfit. What helps more is knowing a series of about 5 dresses that are perfect for any occasion. This way, you can use one outfit in a lot of ways, and it won’t be very expensive. Like you wear the same pair of skinny jeans for a number of different occasions, you can go with dresses too. Just have the essential types of dresses. Here are the types that are perfect for any occasion.


Every girl has a princess inside of her, be it very out there or consumed in a hidden corner of you. We all have wanted to wear elaborate princes gowns embellished with sequins, a big flair, beads and pearls. All of us have imagined ourselves twirling around in those especially after watching ‘’Barbie and the 12 dancing princesses’’. 

To fulfill your dreams, you must have a floor-length gown in your wardrobe. They might not be the exact replica of your childhood princess gown, but it is its adult version. Floor-length gowns are a must-have for formal events in your wardrobe. They will help you a lot if you need to attend an elaborate ball, a party with a masquerade theme, a wedding and so on. Floor-length gowns come in a range of varieties. They don’t always have to be over the top. You can find them in plain chiffon that gives your dress a very smooth fall. You can also have one in sequins from head to toe that make your gown one of its kind. You can also find them in silk. Floor-length gowns are perfect for your long lost princess dreams.


Trust me when I say that you are not a woman of the 21st century if you don’t own a cocktail dress. You cannot survive without one. It is the most commonly sold type of dress for women out there. What defines a cocktail dress is that of a typical dress that is much shorter and finishes up the knees. It is made to be worn at evening events and functions; be it be a party at the bar or someone’s house. Cocktail dresses give you a very chic, trendy and elegant look. 

They, too, come in many different sizes and types. You can find the typical kind with a short dress in black. Then you can also find a slightly embellished one studded with lace or sequin. Your dress can have full sleeves, off shoulder or sleeveless. It may be of a figure-hugging fitting or may have a slight flair to it. the point is, you can never go wrong with cocktail dresses.


The chic-est of them all (yes, that is not a word, but nothing explains sheath dresses more perfectly). You see those magazine ladies with their hair wrapped in a bun, wearing a pair of shades and strutting around in stilettos wearing a beautiful figure-hugging dress? Yes, that is a sheath dress!

Sheath dresses are a class apart. They are fitted and a straight cut dress that hugs your waist and gives it a very slim and slender look. Sheath dresses are perfect for any and every formal function. Be it a business event or a mere social event like a tea party with your ladies, and sheath dresses are perfect for every event and occasion. Their seamless waist is perfect for every body type. It can be paired with accessories beautifully and can be worn in both; summers and winters.


Cocktail dresses, sheath dresses and floor-length gowns are towards a formal and much more serious side. To look towards a much more relaxed outfit is where summer dresses come in. In summers, most of us opt for a much more relaxed and casual look. The days are too hot and sweaty to be wearing a figure-hugging sheath dress or a floor-length gown that covers 80% of your body. You need a light and breezy dress for the scorching summer heat, but you also want it to be equally trendy and stylish. So, the best solution is to have summer dresses.

Summer dresses are  light and flowy. They are loose-fitting and made of cotton. Cotton is a breathable material that doesn’t cling to your body. It lets air through so that you can feel relaxed. Summer dresses come in a lot of different cuts and styles. They may be floor-length or knee-length. They might also have a thigh slit situation going on. Summer dresses can be equally trendy too. They might have a halter neck or be off-shoulder. Summer dresses usually come in very light colors like blue, white, yellow, light green and different prints like floral, abstract patterns, polka dots, stripes, and so on. They are perfect for pretty much every summer event. Pair it with a relaxed ponytail, bracelets, necklaces and a satchel bag. Wear wedges or sandals underneath. You can also wear gladiator sandals to give it a posh look. Wear light makeup and let your outfit shine.


All of these ideas might cost you a little bit but know that it would be a one-time investment. These outfits are very easy to find and can be worn in a lot of different styles. Change your hairstyles, your jewelry, your shoes. Switch between heels, sneakers, loafers, boots. Your makeup looks. Go out with a bold lip one day, and a light lip balm look the other: mix and match. Accessorize with belts, coats, mufflers, bags. Create a masterpiece. Make your outfit one of its kind and carry it well. Let it shine for you. All the best of luck to you.


If you are a curious person, you might have asked yourself or someone else why astronauts wear white. You might have thought the same about brides and if you are too curious, about Tom Wolfe. Is there anything in common? We don’t think so, but the matter that we wanted to bring to the front using this example is this: light-colored clothes or a suit allow you to stay cool by fighting the heat and the light. The lighter the clothes are the cooler you will be and the darker the clothes the hotter you will be. That is the age-old myth that is rampant in society even today. Whether you shop at a brick and mortar store or an online fashion store, you have these things at the back of your mind. There might have been a dress that you liked a lot but didn’t buy it because of this assumption.

Is there any truth to it? Let’s find out.

The Assumption

This is what we assume about our clothes. If we wear dark fabrics, they will absorb a great amount of heat and this will cause you to feel all hot and bothered. But if you wear white or light-colored clothes, then the heat will bounce right off of them and you will be extremely comfortable even on a hot day. Some people even believe that brides wear white on their wedding day due to this reason. 

Well, we are here to tell you that everything is not as it seems in this theory. There are other major factors that greatly affect the working of heat on your clothes. The story is not as simple as it seems. Some scientists who were really curious about this phenomenon thought about actually doing some research about it. The results that they got, stated that the color of the clothes that you wear doesn’t matter. In 1980, a group of scientists tried to find out why Bedouins who live in the desert wear black robes? Now the desert is where it is the hottest and according to our heat absorption and reflection theory, they should have been wearing white, pink or lilac, or some other light shade.

The Findings

What the researchers’ findings had them as bewildered as we are when they found that the Bedouins of the Sinai desert always wear black instead of light-colored fabrics in the oppressive heat of the desert. They set out to find the truth and even recruited a volunteer who they asked to stand in the heat in the middle of the desert so that they can record the temperature. They asked him to stand in four different types of dressings and found that the effects of heat on the body were the same in all types of clothing. They found that black clothes absorb more heat but it didn’t go any farther than the fabric. In simple terms, it can be said that although black fabric absorbs more heat, it is lost before it gets a chance to transfer into the body. A factor that they found kept the guy cool was that he wore robes that were loose and billowing. This allowed air to pass through the clothes and keep the body cool.

Another thing that plays an important role in the whole “light clothes reflects heat” theory is the person who is actually wearing the clothes. It stands to reason that if light colored clothes reflect the heat of the sun back into the atmosphere, they will also reflect the heat being radiated from the body back towards the body. This is a key factor that no one discusses. Although it is still a theory, there has been some research done on birds and their white plumage


So, at the end of the day, whether you wear black or white in hot weather or cold, it doesn’t matter a lot. What matters is that in hot weather you should wear loose and billowing clothes to keep you cool.

Wear Colors According to Your Skin Tone 

Now that we know we can wear any color that we want, how do we choose which color to wear and how? We should not be choosing the colors to wear according to the seasons, we should be doing so according to our skin tones. When you wear the right colors, it helps you attract others and people see you in a more flattering way. Wearing the right colors can either enhance your looks and brighten you up or it can go against your natural color and make you look flawed and tired. What determines whether you should wear dark colors or light are your skin tone, hair color, and eye color. This is how you can easily decide what colors and shades to wear.

Skin Tone and Shades of Color

Whether you want to rock dark colors or light colors, always choose the color based on your hair and eyes. And choose the shade of the color based on your skin tone. If you are a redhead, don’t go for red, instead, go for blue. The shade of blue that you want to wear will depend on your skin tone. Similarly, if you are a brunette who has medium skin, you know you would look amazing in red. But depending on your skin tone you should choose the shade of red carefully.

Determine Your Skin’s Undertone

When we talk about skin tone, we are not just talking about the topmost layer. We are also talking about undertone. Some women have beige undertones, while others might have a pink or bluish undertone. Others still, might have a peach or warm yellow or golden undertone. If you are from the rare group of people who have a neutral undertone then you should let your hair and eye color decide the shades that you can wear. If you want to find out the undertone of your skin, look at the part of your skin that doesn’t expose to sun. 

Simple Test for Finding out Your Skin Tone

One way to find out your skin tone is to use a simple white piece of paper. Hold the paper against your face and compare how your skin looks against the paper. People who have warm skin tones will have skin that looks yellowish or light brown against the paper. If your skin compares against the paper and looks blue, rosy, or even pink then you have what is called a cool skin tone. Similarly, people with skin that looks ashen or gray against a white piece of paper have neutral skin tones. This simple test can actually help to choose the right color of clothes as per your skin tones. 


Depending on your skin tone and undertone, you can choose any color that you want to wear in the cold or in the heat. Just make sure that if it is hot, then you should probably choose dresses that are billowing and loose so that the heat doesn’t get trapped inside.

Complete your look with a pair of stylish eyeglasses

If you wear glasses, chances are you have had to deal with them clashing with your look. Because people notice your face immediately, choosing the right pair of eyeglasses is massively important if you have to wear them every day. Depending on what style you go for can change what people think of you in the first instant. Do your glasses make you look sophisticated? Do they make you look fun or conservative? Or do they make you look older or younger than you are, all of these can be decided by your style of glasses?

We have decided to compile some pointers to help you complete that perfect look, and what glasses to pick to do so. If you are looking for a great place to buy some stylish glasses, the range of eyeglasses from EyeBuyDirect.com is a good place to start looking.


Your personality and lifestyle

The first thing you need to do is to consider the different parts of your life. What kind of work do you do and when you are off the clock, what do you do with your spare time?

If you have an active lifestyle, you might need to purchase several pairs of glasses in order to make sure you have a pair for every scenario you might face. 

Business Glasses

When you are at work, you need a pair of glasses that maintain your image. You should probably have a pair of conservative glasses for this. Stick to smart colors and frames. Classic shapes like ovals rectangles and almonds go with all types of formal wear, and traditional colors such as gold black and brown all look good with a suit.


If you want to show off your creative side, go for a modern look with thicker frames. Multi-colored glass made with laminates are another great way to go, especially if you want glasses in a vibrant color.

Another great choice is to go with a retro look. Retro vintage frames that have been recreated wit hn materials can give you that old school look without you having to try and repair your glasses all the time.


Some people over the age of 50 think that just because they are getting older, that they have to wear old fashioned glasses. This is a load of rubbish. A fresh style can make you look younger, going for soft rectangles for men and cat-eyes as a woman can help you project a more youthful look.


Additional tips

Always make sure you get anti-glare coatings on your glasses, glare can cause you to squint, which makes your eyes harder to see clearly. This can make you seem less assertive or awake.

If you are in direct sunlight a lot, opt for Photochromic lenses. These will automatically adjust to the sunlight, meaning you do not need to swap out for a pair of sunglasses. This should save you money and allow you to spend a little bit more on your main glasses as you no longer have to buy sunglasses.

A Guide to Living Like a Celebrity in 2020

Ever wondered what it would be like to live like a celebrity? Maybe as your favourite singer or actor? Well look no further, in this guide we’ll look at ideas you could implement to do just that. 

Even if it’s just for a short time, everyone can live like a celebrity by following these helpful hints and tips. 

Book a Luxury Holiday

Why not try a destination you wouldn’t usually go for? You don’t have to spend big to get a luxury holiday. Take a cruise, for example; you can find some fantastic deals on luxury cruises. Holidays with Celebrity Cruises offers exceptional culinary experiences, top destinations and the world at your service. 

If that doesn’t give you the celebrity experience then nothing will. Imagine it; you’re on a lavish ship being ferried to some of the world’s most exclusive destinations while being treated like royalty. That would definitely be classed as living the high life! 

Drive Luxury… on a budget!

You’d be surprised at what luxury car deals are out there. You don’t need to be a millionaire to drive a car that oozes style. After all, new doesn’t always mean better, and this is especially true when it comes to cars.  

You can even get a luxury car on finance, where you pay a set monthly price. You could bring home a BMW or Jaguar that sits on your driveway or curbside! Do the calculations and see if you can stretch your budget, as nothing makes a statement like a swanky car – new or used!

Mix-up your Style

This one is pretty simple. Have a look at your wardrobe and then compare it to some of the clothes your favourite celebrity wears. Can you take any tips off them? 

Go unique. Go outrageous. And you don’t have to blow your budget on designer clothes to do this. Check charity shops or places like TK Maxx. You’ll find a treasure trove of brilliant items on sale that could mix-up your style. Charity shops often offer some great vintage pieces that will make a statement. 

According to Elite Daily, 80 percent of fashion is wearing something outrageous and just saying, “This? Oh, this is fashion.” So why not do just that? All the celebrities are doing it, why can’t you? 

Look Polished for Less

Never be afraid to go high-street to get your clothes and makeup. You can grab some great high-street makeup and beauty products for very reasonable prices these days. And they do just as good of a job as the expensive brands. So, you can always look great for less. 

Appearing clean and polished is an inexpensive way to look classy! Hold your head up high and be proud of the way you look, like your favourite celebrity does. 

And Lastly

Be confident! Dress in your new style, take some selfies of your getaway and post them to social media. If you want that celebrity experience, then go outside your comfort zone. It’s your life, live it. 

How Can I Update My Fashion?

Dressing can be more of a headache than we realize. You might have an event to attend or meeting with friends, but nothing you put on works. Our clothes are important to us and you want to look good. It’s difficult to find our fashion sense when lost on where to look. Your closet is outdated with clothes you’ve kept since the wedding or back in high school. Now, you’d like a style and your current clothes are no longer doing it for you. Here are some ways to update your fashion.


Years ago, everyone what running to wear a certain brand name that appeared on their clothing. Today, it seems we’re in a world where everyone wants to create their voice through their outfits. Styles are being created with mismatch particles of clothing many of us thought never went together. Try your own do-it-yourself fashion if that’s what makes you happy. No one said you had to fall in line with a fashion trend. You might consider adding gold beads to your wardrobe. That is always a classic look.


It’s best to use the internet to look at different styles of people that either look like you or have the same body. Too many of us spend time looking at clothes that fit perfectly on someone else. Yet, you know the outfit you’re staring at won’t get past your hips. Browse online to find clothes that catch your eye. Do searches on what’s fashionable for your body and skin tone. This is a great help when you don’t have the skills to match colors. Research what goes with certain shirts or pants. You may find some articles of clothing just don’t go together.


Find and talk with that friend who always seems to look great in their clothes. Ask them to help you with your fashion style. They probably can take you shopping for those perfect outfits that work best with your look. Let them see the inside of your closet. This way they can assist in helping you throw away clothes that simply don’t work for you anymore. These types of people can help you reshape your entire wardrobe. Call them before going to an important event where peers might be present. Make sure you send a photo of what you plan to wear. Listen to their tips, so you can at least dress without making additional fashion mistakes.


Magazines are a great resource for getting in touch with trends or the latest fashion. Though you may not look like the models, you can get some good ideas for outfits. Use as magazines that feature high-end clothes, casual, or for the home. Download a magazine application so you can refer back to it when thinking about what to wear. You’ll be happy you have this quick access to a fashion outfit when in a hurry.

These are some of the ways to update your fashion. Go online and look at different images of people wearing clothes you are attracted to. See how they wear each article of clothing and how they match. There are a plethora of photos to examine online that match your tastes. 

Consider do-it-yourself style when looking at fashion. Create your trend as many are today. Find clothes at the thrift shop that are a little more outrageous. It is possible to create your style instead of following others. Work with friends who have a good eye for clothes and know how to match. Let them guide you into another world of fashion you didn’t know about. Magazines are a great source to flip through either at the library or download an app. This way you sift through different looks that appeal to your type of hair and skin tone. Use these steps to update your fashion in no time. Let them give you the courage to either be the new trend or get a lesson in matching clothes. 

Not all of us have the right fashion sense as others. However, it never hurts to learn what types of fashionable clothes work with your body. Knowing how to match clothes makes shopping a lot easier. This way you’re not constantly asking people for help and allowing them to determine your style. Stick with these basic steps, and soon you can redo your entire closet.

A Complete Style Guide For an Office Party

Office parties are the perfect occasion to let your hair down and have some fun at work. Whether it’s the annual Christmas or Diwali party or a drink with your colleagues to celebrate a deal, times like these give you a real window of opportunity to express yourself, especially when it comes to your sense of style. The gathering is not only a reason to blow off some steam but also to make a lasting impression outside of work. Whether you’re having a party at the office or celebrating success at your favourite bar, dressing well will help you stay on top of your game. Dress to impress with our curated office party style guide.


The first step is to decide what you’re wearing. Tricky, we know. Here are some styling ideas to put together a dazzling ensemble.


  • Choose Your Attire Based on the Occasion


If you’re having a get-together Diwali party at the office, sport an elegant kurti for women. Accentuate your look with a pair of silver oxidised jhumkis and a pair of beaded kolhapuris for a traditional touch.

If it’s a Christmas party, get into the spirit of fun and merriment. Keep things simple with a quirky green and red Christmas sweater over your white shirt and a pencil-fit skirt. Add some funky Christmas-themed accessories into the mix and give an otherwise formal work outfit a casual, breezy touch.



  • Keep it Business Casual


If you’re heading out with colleagues to celebrate the success of closing a deal, it’s important to dress the part. For a cocktail party, opt for a silk or satin gown. The fabrics will add an air of sophistication whilst keeping your look professional. Add finishing touches with dainty gold jewelery and a pair of neutral pumps.

If it’s a casual get-together at a bar, dress in an outfit that you can take from day to night. Keep it smart with party dresses in solid colours. A classic LBD, when paired with a cropped blazer, can work as a major power look. Ditch the blazer for the party to create a chic, effortless look.

Hair and Makeup

Once you’ve nailed the outfit, the next step is to focus on hair and makeup.


  • Party Casual Looks


When putting on makeup, keep it minimal. A nude lipstick with rosy cheeks will work with most outfits. This will give you a natural flush and add a classic, chic vibe.

Let your hair undone with a basic middle parting. If you want to look extra corporate-chic, gel your hair. Short-haired women can opt for beach waves for an edgy touch.



  • Glam Up Looks


When meeting high-powered clients for a cocktail party, your look can be more experimental. Choose between dark smokey eyes and bright scarlet lips. Don’t end up doing both though; you’ll just end up looking over-the-top.

Go with a simple up-do that will complement your look. A sleek low bun with a party gown is a glam but elegant look. A half up-do like twisted braids and flowing hair at the back is perfect for a more understated, fresh look.

Now that you have the best styling tips for your office party, charm the pants off your colleagues and unveil your fashionable self!