The Unforgettable Bohemian City-Break: 2 Outfits to Make Your Travels Dreamy


There is something charming and adventurous in a city break away from home, even if by definition such trips are short in length. They are almost always spontaneous, challenging, romantic and full of amazing surprises. Discovering a new city, a new culture, style, and getting immersed in a strange and unique environment, getting a taste of a place’s most cherished landmarks and entertainment facilities – all make a city break a fun adventure to embark in wholeheartedly.

Some cities, however, and mostly the ones on the Old Continent, are also romantic by nature, compelling you to dress appropriately for the occasion. If you are a bohemian at heart, and you plan a quick getaway in an old, fabulous and romantic city in the world, these are two boho outfits you should consider taking along.

1. The Boho-Chic Bardot Dress

Worn by famous silver screen diva Brigitte Bardot, the modern Bardot boho dress can accompany you no matter where you go. Stylish and feminine, comfortable, sexy and sporting a retro flair to die for, you can style up the Bardot dress any way you like. Why is this perfect outfit to take on a bohemian trip?

-It is comfortable (as all boho dresses feature natural, soft and skin-friendly fabrics such as cotton, silk, chiffon, velvet, wool, etc.) and thin enough to allow you to walk and sightsee all day long in summer.

-It is feminine and sophisticated so you can wear it during the day visiting museum, or at night, attending a local party, having a romantic dinner or taking an unforgettable walk under the moonlight.

-It makes the perfect outfit for your packing light plan and can be styled up with virtually any type of accessories (thus allowing you to carry less piece of jewelry or even footwear).

2. The Short Jeans and the Boho Shawl

One of the main rules of the boho fashion states that you need to wear at least one crocheted or knitted piece of clothing. If you are planning for a city break, a nice thin crocheted shawl and poncho will take you everywhere, in any climate or local weather conditions. It can be perfectly layered together with a pair of short denim jeans, and a comfy pair of slouchy distresses ankle boots – they are perfect for vacations, and they make you look boho perfectly while they keep you safe no matter the weather conditions you encounter.

If you choose a boho outfit including trousers and not skirts or dresses, make sure you don’t forget the feminine, sophisticated boho touch:

-Wear a headband, a wide-brimmed straw hat, a silk scarf wrapped around your head, flowery hair pins, a bandana and so on.

-The tomboy look can always be softened by the use of boho-style jewelry and accessories, including stacked bracelets and necklaces or even stacked rings. There are some very specific rules when it comes to stacking jewelry, and you should follow them closely to achieve a perfect city break boho look.

When you want to pull off a stylish, chic boho look, keep in mind to wear neutral and earthy colors and hues – they are the main staple of this fashion style. Go anywhere from warm shades of brown, greens, reds, pinks, blues and yellows and make sure you wear the colors that fit your skin tone and personality best. While traveling, you can also pick a hobo style bag or a tote in cotton to complete your romantic boho attire.

Pack Light but Get These 3 Stylish Accessories to Make All Your Travels Fabulous

Traveling is an important part of our lives and an experience one shouldn’t avoid. But when it comes to traveling, many trade style for comfort in all aspects. Once upon a time, men and women used to travel wearing tuxedos and evening gowns. While our fast paced world doesn’t encourage such inclinations, this doesn’t mean a modern girl shouldn’t pack a few stylish accessories to take a short city-break or a week-long vacation. After all, to look good means to feel good – even if you walk unbeaten paths or enjoy hip summer resorts.

There are plenty of resources on how to travel and pack light for a week’s vacation and you should follow such expert tips and tricks. Fortunately, some stylish accessories for stylish travel girls are weightless but so important! They add just a bit of sparkle and glam to a traveler’s outfit, even if you prefer jeans, boots and tees or boho summer dressed and strappy sandals. Let’s see together three


such fabulous accessories you just have to take along to look great and feel just the same!

1. A Pair of Nude Flat Strappy Sandal

If you are headed to an exclusive beach resort, an old European capital or a safari adventure at the end of the world, a pair of nude summer strappy sandals will be your best friend. Nude shoes in general are a girl’s best companion as they match any type of outfit and they make your feet look longer and slimmer. You can wear practically anything with them and they will make you look effortlessly chic.

  • Tip for picking the best nude sandals: when you buy nude footwear make sure the shoes shade matches your own skin shade. If you intent to get a good tan or are already featuring a gorgeous summer tan, make sure the sandals’ nude shade is equivalent to your skin’s one.

2. A Pair of Trendy Sunglasses

Many experts advise you to leave home your designer shades when you go to festivals, concerts or crowded outdoor events, camping and so on – they may get broken or stolen and it would be a shame. However, take your favorite pair of shades when vacationing and store them safely in a hard case when you don’t need them. There are plenty of hot sunglasses designs nowadays and you should always have one pair (if not two) when you travel.

  • Tip for picking the best sunglasses: always choose your sunglasses according to your face shape. There are plenty of tips to find the pair that looks great on you!

3. A Pair of Lever Back Pearl Earrings

Many say you should always take junk jewelry when you travel, but a pair of pearl earrings with a lever back that keeps them safe and hard to lose is the best type of jewelry you can bring along in a trip. Pearls are exquisite, feminine, discrete and sophisticated. They go with sporty outfits styling them up, with casual urban outfits, giving them a note of elegance and with chic stylish clothes. After all, a vacation doesn’t mean endless mountain hiking.

Even if you spend a week in a beach resort you still need to style up to attend a concert, have dinner in a restaurant, take part to a local event and so on. Pearls rise up to all expectations and match all types of clothes, enhancing your natural beauty and adding a dash of femininity and sophistication to all possible attire.

  • Tip for picking the best pair of lever back pearl earrings: Choose a pearl color, hue and overtone that match your skin tone, as the pearls’ purpose is to highlight your best features. Take a look at the tips and recommendations on PearlsOnly to learn how to choose the perfect pearl jewelry.

You probably know this already, but any trip of any type requires a stylish hat. You can style up any jeans-and-tank-top outfit with a modern straw fedora. A laidback straw panama hat goes also great with summer dresses and outfits that involve wearing short or long trousers. If you are the bohemian type of girl, a wide brim feminine beach or city hat will keep you protected and stylish. If you feel a tomboy at heart or your destination involves a sporty military style outfit you can also wear a bandana, a military cap or a newsboy style of cap. Have fun in your travels and enjoy a fabulous summer vacation!

Family Easter Outfits at Kohl’s

Spring is the perfect time to refresh your wardrobe, and with Easter looming, it’s a great reason to drag even the most resistant men in your life out for at least a small upgrade, true?  We recently headed to Kohl’s to see what we could find for both of the men in my life to wear for the holiday this year.  The smaller one is usually pretty compliant, it’s the bigger one that can be somewhat of a fighter, lol. They both agreed, however, on getting new pants and nice shirts.  We got them things they could wear not only on Easter, but for future events.

20150314_135829Now that I look at it, it seems they are almost matching, though not intentionally- one blue on top and beige on the bottom, the other reversed, ha. My son decided he wanted to go in shorts (can you tell we’ve had it with winter and he’s looking forward to warm weather?) and my husband decided to get new jeans, which he could use. They both picked out their outfits without the other one seeing- my son was with me, and the husband was in the men’s department all by himself- I was amused when I saw how similar their selections were when we met in the boy’s department 😉
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Endless Jewelry introduces the ENDLESS LOVE COLLECTION

Every woman is unique and different, so why give her a cookie-cutter, run-of-the-mill gift?

valentine's day gifts

Endless Jewelry introduces the limited edition ENDLESS LOVE COLLECTION – unique and contemporary love-infused charms to show some LOVE in a customized and very special way.  I personally am in love with these bracelets- so pretty, unique, and customizable. They are also soft and warm on your skin, and don’t jingle- which is different then nearly every other kind of jewelry out there.

“Every woman has a distinct sense of style when it comes to both love and her jewelry choices,” says Jesper Nielsen, CEO and Founder of Endless Jewelry.  “Our new Endless Love Collection offers a modern, yet totally sentimental, and very ‘gift-able’ option to find something the special women in your life will truly love and claim as her own.”

endless love bracelet

It’s easy!  Just head over to the website, choose the color of the bracelet you think she will like best, and how many times you want her to be able to wrap it (one, two, or three times around her wrist).  Then you choose from the available charms, which are available in gold or silver (some also in rose), to reflect her personality or remind her of a memory you share.
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Pack Light With Land’s End

Disclosure- Some of the products in this post were given to me in order to facility this review, others were my own.  All opinions are mine and honest.

6 20 14 and waterparks 217Recently, we went to Europe for a few weeks.  I had to pack light, and be able to make what I packed count.  No one wants to be lugging many suitcases around, and it’s best to make everything that you bring able to mix and match, getting the most from each garment. One of my favorite places to shop has always been Land’s End, because clothes are versatile, durable, and long lasting.  They are also great with exchanges, so if you don’t like an item it’s easy to return- even if you have worn it. I love that about a brand, because so often you don’t know how things will fit or wear properly until you actually wear them.  Catch 22, but Land’s End makes it easy and worry free.

Norway, Packing, Products (canon small cam) 033I exclusively packed Land’s End clothing for my trip.  With the exception of my sneakers, walking sandals, and bathing suit, it was all Land’s End, all the time.  Sticking with the brand made it easy, since all the colors matched, the fabrics worked well together, and I really do like the durability they commit to for travel (and everyday wear as well, but I can be abusive to things when I travel).  I chose to stick with the primary colors of navy blue and black, with colors and patterns that matched the basic items I already owned or purchased.  I was also given several new review items from this season’s new line, which complimented what I already owned beautifully. All of the items are well made, pretty, easy to wash and wear (even on the go), and fully functional as well as classically stylish.  Very easy to love, and the reasons why I come back to Land’s End again and again.
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Pack Light With prAna

Thanks to prAna for adding a new dimension of style to my summer wardrobe and for inspiring this post.

I tend to get a little excited about the changing seasons, not only is a change in temperatures good for my soul, but the change in my wardrobe is good for my self esteem and overall happiness levels. Admit it, there is just something borderline magical about new clothes and busting out seasonal favorites is simply fun.

Cruise and products 002

All packed up for tw0 and a half weeks out with mom!

I can always count on prAna for cute clothes that are comfortable. I had the chance to try out 3 pieces from their collection that are ideal for summer looks and that are sure to become seasonal favorites.


First the Dahlia Womens Skirt in Boysenberry. I loved the clean lines and versatility of this A Line skirt. I can wear it shopping, out to dinner or even just around the house. It is made with 100% organic cotton and is Fair Trade Certified. I love knowing that every skirt sold helps to end poverty in the community that produced the skirt. Retailing for about $55, the Dahlia Skirt is timeless and will be a great addition to your wardrobe.
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Have an Epiphanie! Camera bag, that is. Giveaway

Thanks to Epiphanie for inspiring this post and for protecting my camera in style.

I carry my camera almost everywhere I go. Capturing moments that will become memories is important to me, plus you never know when a perfect photo opportunity might arise. Do you know what I don’t love about being a shutterbug? Never having a pretty bag to protect my gear.


Now, I know that not having a bag for my camera is silly. Really there are thousands of camera bags on the market, but have you ever seen them? They are rather masculine. I searched for years to find one I could cope with…. for years I ended up with the traditional grey and black, giant camera bags.  I’m sure you’ve all seen them in posts, really.  But there’s a lot to be said about having a stylish bag- you can put your wallet, keys, and misc into one of the pockets and then you don’t need to drag your purse along as well.  Plus you feel like a woman, which can’t be undersold.


When I heard about Epiphanie Bags I did a little happy dance. Finally a camera bag made for women. These bags are stylish, feminine, and they keep my camera gear safe on my adventures. Women of the world rejoice; we no longer have to settle for a drab bag for our cameras.
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Ready for Summer With Fresh Produce

When I’m looking for something easy to wear, I head for my Fresh Produce Harbor Dress. It’s become a favorite of mine, because it’s easy to dress up or down, it’s really comfortable, machine washable, and has pockets. The pockets don’t bulge out or make me look bulky in all the wrong places, which is a bonus. I often pass up dresses and skirts with pockets for that reason, but this pleasantly surprised me.


Fresh Produce makes some seriously soft clothes that wear well. I like to be comfortable, and am not one to sacrifice comfort for fashion. Why, when you can have both? Makes no sense to me. This dress is cute, fun, and feels nice- the material is smooth and supple, and didn’t pill after I put it in the washing machine. (I hung it to dry.)

A bit more about Fresh Produce-

Fresh Produce has delighted women, for nearly three decades,  as a lifestyle brand known for its original prints, vibrant color and stylish, comfortable clothing.Today, Fresh Produce designs, manufactures and markets a leading women’s and children’s lifestyle brand of clothing that is primarily made in the USA.

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