Win a GK Hair Prize Pack!

One of little girls’ issues related to her disability is her fragile skin which makes daily bathing and hair washing problematic. Unfortunately, for her she also carries the family curse of a tendency toward oily hair…..Blah!

Although dry shampoo seems a viable alternative to the conventional method of washing hair, they typically leave behind a a nasty white powdery residue……..not cute at all …….since we only do cute cute…….well…you know, just scratch them off the list. The big “to do” in these spraypoo products was when they began to come in a variety of colors that matched your hair. This innovation seemed groundbreaking at the time…. yeah except for the flaky colored powder all over your clothes…again the uncute factor….ewwwww.

We’ve also tried caps and foams….we won’t even get into the ugly details on these diva deterrents……..We’ve just been left to struggle through, not so gracefully I might add.

So when another spraypoo came along I wasn’t bursting with excitement and truth be told I almost took a pass, but I felt a glimmer of hope while perusing through their website…….. Invisible Dry Spray Shampoo ….. hummm? Invisible sounds good and so does dry…it held a bit of promise.

The results? GK Dry Shampooactually works!

We purposely skipped Lil girls’ scheduled fluff me up and sprayed her up instead.

We lifted her hair and sprayed at the roots… was clear! Yay for clear! As directed we sprayed and then waited a minute to brush. Then…Ta da… shiny and new!

The gest of it is that it goes on clear to clean and refreshes your hair – with no color and no powdery residue. Just spray in and brush out.
I’m actually impressed and feel a nice sense of relief to one issue being resolved. It’s the smaller victories [Read more…]

Hanging Out with @ZylieTheBear in Central Park at #OasisDayCamps (AND #Win a Bear!)

Me and my Little spent the morning in Central Park with the makers of Zylie the Bear and Oasis Day Camp (where my son attended camp for a month this summer). The kids had a great time playing together, with lots of activities planned and of course- meeting and learning about the guest of honor- Zylie!

Zylie is a bear after my own heart- she likes to travel 🙂 Zylie the Bear, an innovative new teddy bear line that is all about fashion and adventure, has a silly little brother, likes to learn, visits a museum, and has a Panda friend from China named Shen. In her first book, which was read in parts to the kids, we learn about Zylie and what makes her so much fun. The kids, both boys and girls alike, had a great time hearing her story and playing with the bears. Then, all the “little campers” had a morning of recreational and creative [Read more…]

Great Back-To-School Clothing with @FrenchToastcom

Little Man is about to enter Kindergarten- which is both very exciting, and making me feel like a sad sack all at the same time, LOL. He will be attending a school that requires uniforms, which will make getting dressed in the morning all that much easier.

He looks like such a big boy! Everything he is wearing is from French Toast, the clothing and school uniform company. We did shop around, and I can say without a doubt that this is the fastest, easiest, and least expensive way to get his uniforms. I think it is also the best, and though this year his school is not registered with French Toast, I hope to encourage them to to so by next year. I was not thrilled having to go to a store 25 minutes away, stand in line, make my order, then wait 30 minutes more to have it filled just for a few things that needed to be embroidered. VERY annoying. French Toast does it all- plus faster, less costly, and delivers to my door with the same school uniform quality you would get in the pricey store. BLAH.

PLUS, they give participating schools 5% cash back on all orders. Why would any school that requires uniforms not [Read more…]

Sexy and You Know It? Check Yourself Out in Fresh Produce

Showing Off My Fake Simba Tattoo! LOL

Yeah man, you know you have to flaunt it if you’ve got it. (And you know you’ve got it, bow-chicka-wow-wow! LOL) Fresh Produce is a fun clothing company that I recently discovered- and adore. It was actually enjoyable to shop and choose my favorite styles and colors, and when it arrived, I was not disappointed. I love to shop, but can do it for myself only rarely. When I get a new item, and it doesn’t meet my desire or it’s description, it is so very upsetting. Then I need to deal with the hassle of returns or exchanges, and deciding if I want to bother with the company again. I am glad to say that I love the dress, and my shopping experience as well.

I’m the type of person who won’t often sacrifice comfort for fashion. Except maybe some fab shoes now and again, LOL. It can be hard to shop for dresses and tops because I have a large chest, even when I wear a minimizer. I found that this dress was PERFECT with a little half top (like a bra-cover-up) underneath it.

Fresh [Read more…]

Shopping at Home with Spiegel

Who doesn’t love some internet shopping? Today we are going to check out Spiegel specializes in fashion for women, and online shopping made easy. Spiegel started out in 1905, with a catalog which included women’s clothing and furniture. After 20 years of meeting the mail order needs of America, Spiegel began to branch out into European fashion, becoming the first catalog to bring European fashion into American homes.

Since that time, Spiegel has grown to mean work place fashion meets about town fashion, shoes, accessories and all the needs of the everyday woman. Ever changing and evolving to meet the needs of modern women, Spiegel is always a great catalog to browse, especially [Read more…]