Dessert Designer- Creations You Can Make and Eat!

Desserts, we all love them and what’s even better than to be able to get creative and have fun with desserts? Besides eating them of course!


I recently was able to review Dessert Designer– Creations you can make and Eat by Dana Meachen Rau. I had fun with this book as I love to get creative with my food not just desserts. The beautifully illustrated book is full of FUN as well as easy creative designs to brighten up any party or even just a sweet treat you want to share with the family. I was really surprised at how easy most things looked in here. They do require time and patience as well as tools, but all is listed for what you need to create a fun sweet piece of art.

I attempted to to the Tipsy Flower Tower but my kids had other ideas and literally pushed their way in around me to watch which created a very bright tipsy flower tower falling on the floor! I used the idea to make flowers out of what I had left.

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Komodo Dragon Cake

100_2363100_2360100_2361First- let me say that I am not one of those people that can just “whip something up”, nor am I a fantabulous baker. This took me a LONG time to do, haha. Not perfect, but hey! (it tasted good, so shhhhh on the non-perfection, lol)

Second- I don’t like fondant. It’s gross. I made icing and covered it with green sugar and dyed green coconut, and it turned out pretty well I think, for a non-master-baker like myself.

What I Used

Two nine-inch round cakes. Cakes made from scratch will be denser and stronger than a cake mix- just be forewarned that the time you save using a mix will be spent cursing during the frosting crumb coat.
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