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There are only 2 pieces. Combine any quantity of Sactionals “Bases” and “Sides” to arrange (and rearrange) any chair, sofa, sectional, loveseat, or bed you can imagine – no tools necessary. Sactionals Covers are removable and can be changed at any time, so you’ll never be stuck with furniture that doesn’t match if you decide to change your home décor. Sactionals Covers are also machine washable, so when the kids spill their food and drink all over the furniture or the dog uses your Sactionals to wipe his feet off, just take the covers off and throw them in the washing machine!

Four Cushion Chaise Sectional with Chocolate Rhinoplush CoversSactionals Four Cushion Chaise Sectional with Chocolate Rhinoplush Covers ($3,260 Value)

  • 4 Sactionals Base Pieces, 5 Sactionals Side Pieces
  • Machine Washable, Changeable Chocolate Rhinoplush Covers
  • Easy to Change Covers Anytime!
  • Easy to Rearrange Into Dozens of Positions
  • Most Versatile Number of Pieces
  • Fast and 100% Free Shipping
  • Lifetime Guarantee!

Four Sactionals Bases and five Sactionals Sides make a Four Cushion Chaise Sectional. A Four Cushion Chaise Sectional is not only the world’s most popular sectional furniture setup, but one of the smartest ways to buy your first Sactionals [Read more…]

Clickinks Shredder Giveaway

You can win a Shredder from Clickinks by clicking on this link-
Win a SimplyShred SG-830C Ultra Quiet Heavy-Duty 15-Sheet Smart Micro-Cut Paper Shredder Prize [Read more…]

W!N Rubbermaid Sandwich Kit

Alrighty moms, I have found the newest conspiracy against mothers. Are you ready? It is lunch ladies at the schools throwing away our Tupperware in hopes to further expand the diners of their fine establishment. This conspiracy is cleverly disguised as our kids conveniently leaving only their containers all over the school. Where no one then knows where they are. The real place they all go? The trash. You may be asking how can we ever hope to combat this horrible occurrence? Why with lunch kids which actually fit together, are color corded and quite difficult to lose. OK, I made that top part up- MAYBE! LOL.

One such awesome kit happens to be made by Rubbermaid. Take a look at the LunchBlox Sandwich Kit. This sandwich kit is a wonderful idea- first of all it is Rubbermaid, so each container can take beating and still come out strong. They are also dishwasher safe as well. There are 4 containers, 2 [Read more…]

Win an Anna & Eve Swaddle Strap

Anyone with a baby most definitely knows that a swaddle can QUICKLY calm a fussy baby. Swaddles help reduce crying and allow your baby to get more sleep. Both of these factors are very key in the sanity of a new parent!

The Anna & Eve Swaddle Strap is the only swaddle on the market that doesn’t have a blanket attached. Without a blanket attached, The swaddle strap is quick and easy to use on your child. It also comes in 2 different sizes so that your baby can use it as long as needed!

My daughter absolutely loved the swaddle strap. She still enjoys sleeping with a swaddle, but she sure is a hot little girl. She just seemed to sweat no matter what was on underneath her in the other traditional swaddle blankets. I really like that with these hot summer nights she can still sleep good with the swaddle strap!

I think this is a great product, because you can dress your child in whatever you like, and they [Read more…]

Win a $50 Target Gift Card

One lucky winner will receive a $50 Target Gift Card.

Hosted by: Mom to Bed by 8| Mom Blog Society

Giveaway ends September 8th at 11:59pm, open to US and Canadian residents, who are ages 18+. To enter, please use the Rafflecopter form below. [Read more…]

Hidden Treasure Candles Give it Away

What are Hidden Treasure Candles?

In every candle you will find a beautiful gold plated or silver necklace buried beneath the soy wax. Nothing like a fun surprise to brighten up your day.

Check out this contest and enter to win- You might be the lucky one who finds the iPad code or one of our grand prize diamond Necklaces valued between $1,000 and $5,000

One lucky winner will receive a Hidden Treasure [Read more…]

Balboa Diaper Tote Review and Giveaway @BalboaBaby

I have been on the hunt for a new diaper bag for awhile! When I found the Lime Poppy Tote Bag, I had a feeling that this would be the bag that I had been looking for. (Review by Danielle)

It is a great size to be able to fit all my needs for 2 children inside. There are two great pockets on the inside that I love to use, as well as two big pockets on the outside that I can put things in as well! I know sometimes with deep totes it can seem that everything gets lost at the bottom, and I can honestly say that I have not had that happen.

Features & Benefits

  • Lightweight
  • Wash-n-dry
  • Quilted Fabric with Contrast Lining
  • Reinforced Straps
  • Includes Balboa Baby luggage tag

I’m pretty crazy about baby products! I have to wash everything before it is used. I threw this in the washing machine and the dryer before I even put things inside it! As you can see in my pictures it holds up great through the washing machine!! It has a very nice soft fabric, and it is very easy to carry around!

This is the first product [Read more…]

Pillsbury Artisan Pizza Crust Prize Pack Review and Giveaway

New Pillsbury Artisan Pizza Crust with Whole Grain is the perfect canvas to create your family’s version of the perfect pizza- without having to tip the delivery guy. Make your pizza the way you want it, and in hurry, too.

Just add your favorite ingredients and enjoy a hot, fresh meal in minutes. Whether your family loves pepperoni, veggies, or the works, the possibilities are endless with New Pillsbury Artisan Pizza Crust with Whole Grain.

  • With 16 grams of whole grain per serving, this is a pizza crust the whole family will love
  • Now available in the refrigerated section [Read more…]