Coronavirus, The Olympics, and At Home Testing

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What it will take to stop the coronavirus

If the U.S. is to repeat the success of countries like China and South Korea in containing the epidemic, health experts say it will require extraordinary coordination and money from leaders as well as near-total cooperation from the public.
Our health reporter Donald McNeil writes: “If it were possible to wave a magic wand and make all Americans freeze in place for 14 days while sitting six feet apart, epidemiologists say, the whole epidemic would sputter to a halt.”
Here are the latest updates and maps of the pandemic.
In other developments:
■ President Trump said major disaster declarations were underway for California, New York and Washington, the three states hardest hit by the virus. With more than 15,000 confirmed cases, New York State now accounts for roughly 5 percent of the world’s total tally.
■ Senate Democrats blocked action on a nearly $2 trillion government rescue package, which they said failed to adequately protect workers or impose strict enough restrictions on bailed-out businesses. Another vote is scheduled for this morning.
■ In a partial reaction to the political stalemate, global markets fell again today. Here are the latest updates.
■ Mr. Trump has declined to use his authority to commandeer private industry to produce medical supplies, counting instead on a market-driven response. Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York appealed on Sunday for the federal government to take over distribution of critical goods.
■ Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan suggested today that the Summer Olympics in Tokyo might need to be postponed, hours after Canada and Australia threatened to boycott the Games. The International Olympic Committee has said it will decide within four weeks whether to delay or scale down the event.
■ Nearly 70 drugs may be effective in treating the virus, researchers reported. Some medications are already used to treat other diseases, and repurposing them may be faster than trying to invent a new drug, the scientists said.
■ A lost or reduced sense of smell and taste has emerged as a telltale sign of Covid-19, the disease caused by the virus.
■ Rand Paul, Republican of Kentucky, became the first senator to test positive for the virus. He went about his routine for days after being tested.
■ Germany barred public gatherings of more than two people, except for families, and Chancellor Angela Merkel said she was going into isolation because her doctor had tested positive for the virus.
“The Daily”: Today’s episode is about the pandemic’s effects on the Democratic presidential primary.
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Coronavirus Updates: Have You Heard About The New Symptoms To Be Aware Of?

• A potential sign of coronavirus: Doctors caution that sensory loss may be a sign of COVID-19. “There have been a rapidly growing number of reports of a significant increase in the number of patients presenting with anosmia in the absence of other symptoms,” the president of the British Rhinological Society wrote. If you experience sensory loss, you should call your doctor and self-isolate. 

• New York becomes center of U.S. outbreak: New York has more than 20,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus, the majority of U.S. cases. New York now accounts for 5% of cases worldwide. The spike in cases is 

• Congress stalls on economic relief: Almost $2 trillion in economic relief is stalled in the Senate due to disagreements between republicans and democrats. Democrats say the bill does not allocate enough to households, hospitals and health professionals.

• Buyer beware: The FDA warns against at-home COVID-19 testing kits as three companies prepare to sell mail-order testing kits. None of the kits are FDA-approved.

• Around the world: India expands its lockdown to cover almost all 1.3 billion of its residents. German chancellor Angela Merkel tests negative after coming in contact with a doctor who tested positive. The chancellor will be tested again in a few days. Spain plans to extend its state of emergency 15 days as the country’s death toll rises.

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Tip-Top: 4 Ways to Stay Healthy and Strong

It’s no secret to everyone that health is indeed wealth. If a person isn’t healthy at all, he or she begins to become sickly. People who have bad health can’t work or even have fun. What’s also terrifying is that people who have poor health are more likely to catch a disease. 


In fact, in today’s time, we are facing a global pandemic that often targets people who are immunocompromised or those who have weak immune systems. COVID-19 or Coronavirus Disease 2019, is an infectious disease that can cause life-threatening conditions. The virus mainly affects people who have immunity problems and poor general health. Not only that, other lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, obesity, and heart disease are also at an all-time high. 


Even though people are faced with a lot of challenges to their health and well being, people shouldn’t worry too much. There are a lot of things they can do to become healthy and avoid such terrible conditions. 


As mentioned earlier, not being healthy can lead to a lot of problems. How can you enjoy life if you aren’t healthy? Enough of the negativity and get off the couch! Here are some things you can do to keep your mind and body in tip-top shape!

Eating Right

The energy we need to do almost everything, from breathing to playing your video games, comes from the food we eat. Without food, life, and everything in the world would cease to exist. Eating the right food such as green leafy vegetables, food rich in protein and other vitamins and minerals are essential for the body to become fit and healthy. 


Fish, meat, poultry, and eggs can provide us with protein to help build up muscle. Fruits and vegetables, on the other hand, help give the body with essential vitamins. Vitamin C or citric acid, vitamin B6, and Vitamin E are potent minerals that help the body fight off infections.


Eating all the time may sound great, but too much of it can also harm the body. Take note, eating right also means that you eat everything in moderation. Too much meat may build up more protein in your body than your kidneys can handle. It’s also best that you avoid fast food, junk food, and high sugar food that can lead to diabetes and other problems.


Forget the diet soda and high sugar energy drinks you see on the shelf. If you want to become healthy and fit, nothing beats the purest and cleanest drinking water. Again, we’ll say it loud and clear: There is no substitute for water. Aside from food, water is what keeps the human being alive. Here’s a fact: Human beings can live without food for almost three weeks. Without water, though, a human can’t make it past three days. 


Water is vital for a lot of functions in the human body, such as regulating temperature, waste disposal, converting food into usable energy, and it also helps in absorbing the nutrients we get from that food. Most people should drink water according to their weight.


The recommended amount to drink is around 2-3 liters. Do take note that some food such as fruits and vegetables also provide adequate amounts of water that our body needs. As with food and overeating, drinking excessive amounts of water can also be harmful. Too much water can lead to hyponatremia wherein the body gets rid of essential minerals that the body needs to function.

Living an Active Lifestyle

If you want to be fit, eating right and drinking water alone can’t help you achieve your goals. An active lifestyle helps your body spend the energy you get from eating and drinking. Aside from improving your physique and endurance, exercising can help strengthen your immune system.


If expensive gym equipment and unreasonable gym membership rates are reasons for you not to work out, then you have to think better. You don’t need these to exercise properly. All you need are simple daily items you can see lying around your house. A piece of rope can become a skipping rope, chairs, and even your stairs can also help you work out effectively.


Even jogging can also help you a lot when it comes to health. Do take note that the body reacts well to exercise when done in increments. You can check your pulse rate with a Nomos watch or any watch for that reason. You can do this by counting your pulse as you follow the second hand of the watch. With that, you can check your pulse rate per minute. It’s expected that your pulse rate is increased because of your current activity. Checking your pulse helps you monitor your condition as you increase the distance you jog in the months to come.


You work hard, and you play hard. It only fits that you let your body rest. Sleeping is one of the most important things a person can do to maintain their well-being. Having a lack of sleep can lead to a lot of conditions, such as diabetes and high blood pressure. 


People who also lack sleep are more likely to develop infections due to a weak immune system. For most adults, 7-9 hours of quality sleep should be enough to keep them healthy. Whoever said that sleep is for the weak should seriously reconsider their health goals. 


Despite the threat of disease and other harmful factors that can affect life, people shouldn’t be worried. Eating right, drinking clean water, exercising, and having the right amount and quality of sleep should be enough to keep us in tip-top shape. Remember, health is wealth, and without it, people can’t enjoy life.

The career outlooks for nurses with their MSN degree

In the world of scientific advancement especially in the field of medical sciences, the role of healthcare professionals is evolving and getting tougher day by day. Every other day, we see newer and stranger diseases, infections and viruses are recognized and emerged in our environment. 

Unlike the previous generations, where there was no clear reasoning of any sudden deaths. On the other side, we have seen that cures are also developed, unlike the times where the world had lost millions of people with the disease of flu, cholera, and plague.

 Apart from modern research and developments, the credit goes to the paramedic staff and doctors too. The procedure of diagnosing a patient to provide the required medical treatment and suggest dosage is not simple, as it includes more than just knowledge of medical science and that is dealing with humans. 

Humans are tricky to deal with especially when they are not well. However, as we discussed that getting this job done is not simple and typical, most of the praise or one should say the limelight usually stays on the doctors only. Whereas, the nursing staff has a lot to do with the progress too. This also reflects in the stature, honor, development opportunities, pay scales and working conditions, etc., provided to doctors versus the same awarded to nursing staff. There is no direct proportion or comparison obviously, but the present difference is quite invalid or unjustified. They are not as typically academically qualified than doctors, but they also get to attain a license and academic qualification and they also get to work with typical long day shifts too.

As health-care professionals, nurses are held to the same high standards as those of others in the industry. They need to go through rigorous education and training and meet stringent health requirements, like passing drug tests and medical checks. They work long and hard hours just like their doctor counterparts. Therefore, it makes sense to give nurses higher-level compensation and benefits.

If nurses continue to attain academic qualifications and keep on gaining skill set, there are many possible career prospects emerge for them. One of the possible options is to get a Master’s of Science in Nursing Degree, which is usually offered by many renowned universities. Another possible option is to attain such a degree MSN Online program, where they can take classes online as per their convenience along with their work schedule.     


Obtaining a Master’s Degree in Nursing has numerous advantages for a nurse in many ways. According to many reports, nurses with Master’s Degree earn more than the nursing profession without degrees. And the difference is significant in between them which is around 25-35%.

Similarly, getting a Master’s Degree opens a lot of options for their prospects. They can opt to work and study in the fields of clinical and non-clinical aspects, or their specific areas of interest. The typical route for future options would be Nurse Practitioners or Nurse Anesthetists etc.

It eventually enhances their delivery of service in terms of quality, precision, and professionalism. Nurses with Master’s Degree provide better care to the patients, whereas it also impacts the support they provide to doctors in the medical procedures. And the result is lower mortality rates and failure in the provision of services. 

Career Options:

As discussed above, getting a Master’s Degree in Nursing enhances many career advancement options for nursing professionals. Let’s explore some of them:


  • Nursing Consultant:


Getting advanced training and education through a Master’s Degree can help them to explore consultancy services in Nursing. Just like Management Consultants provide advisory services relating to cost control, risk management, etc., Nursing Consultants can provide their consulting and advisory services to Hospitals, Medical Institutions, etc. on Effective Nursing Practices.


  • Nursing Researcher:


They can also become researchers specifically in the Nursing field. Nursing Researchers can provide services to medical institutions, pharmaceutical companies, etc. in terms of conducting research relating to diseases, medicines, and practices. They design their research project and obtain data that can help out authorities to get better cures through medicine formulas or medical studies. And currently, it is considered to be one of the highest jobs in 2020.


  • Nursing Teachers or Educators:


A Master’s Degree Holder in Nursing can also explore to be a Nursing Teacher who can teach in Medical Colleges, Institutes or Community Colleges. They can also work as an internal trainer in hospitals and medical institutions to train and teach new nurses in their orientation and ongoing capacity development.


  • Clinical Nurse Specialist:


However, it requires extensive experience along with the degree too, but becoming a clinical specialist will take their job description near to diagnosis and doing medical procedures. A Usual track to become a Clinical Nurse Specialist is to become a subject matter expert of any particular disease or category of patients. In some territories, such jobs require other special licensing.


  • Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner:


As we see more and more mental health-related issues are emerging, there is quite a shortage of Psychiatric Nursing Practitioners. After getting a Master’s Degree, Nursing Professionals can also work to provide consultation and related services to mental health patients. For such scope of work, they need to be trained under subject matter specialists i.e. Psychiatric Physicians.

Similar to Clinical Nursing Specialization, Psychiatric Nursing also requires specific Specializations along with a Master’s Degree. Typically, in this particular job, Nursing Staff deal with patients suffering from depression, anxiety, personality disorders, etc. As this type of disease is quite mental rather physical and involves dialogue and conversation, therefore, Nursing staff deal with their specialized consultation and mild prescriptions of medicines too.  


  • Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist:


One of the highest paid jobs for nurses is the Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA). They are responsible for a specific domain of providing and managing anesthesia for patients in any medical surgery. Since it involves high stakes and a matter of life, CRNA requires extensive training along with advanced degrees backed by the authorities of anesthesia educational program boards.


Development of Nursing Professionals is crucial for them and the overall mankind too. Therefore, the more they get to develop, there will be a prominent enhancement in the quality of service and hence, more human lives will be saved and quality of life will be enhanced. Additionally, it can also improve the work style, lifestyle and overall social and personal status of the nursing staff too.


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All workers need permanent paid sick days and leave to fight coronavirus

America is facing an unprecedented public health emergency. The priority for people the world over, including myself, has become protecting our families, loved ones, and the most vulnerable members of our communities. 

My friend Ady emailed you late last week before the House voted to take an important step by passing the Families First Coronavirus Response Act––and the Senate should pass it immediately. But that legislation alone is not nearly enough to ensure that corporate greed doesn’t trump public health. 

Sign the petition and urge Congress to pass a strong, permanent sick days and paid leave bill that allows all workers to protect their health and care for loved ones, during and after this emergency.


Under this law, some workers would get 10 paid sick days and 12 weeks of paid leave for those who are sick from the coronavirus, quarantined, affected by closures, or caring for a close family member who is sick. That’s great but it still leaves more than 6.5 million* workers unprotected – including those who work for large corporations.

This bill also allows coverage to expire at the end of this year, leaving continuing care needs for sick family members unaddressed. Unacceptable.

Add your name now to call on Congress and urge them to pass strong legislation that will give all working people access to permanent sick days and paid leave. 

Millions of working people at Walmart, McDonald’s, Burger King, Applebees, Dollar General, Dunkin’ Donuts, Target, Chipotle and a whole bunch of other brands that we all know, don’t currently have sick leave. All of these companies can afford to offer paid sick leave to all of their employees, but don’t – just so they can keep their profit margins as large as possible. Failure to cover them is unfair and dangerous for public health. Every day that we leave these workers unprotected, their health –– and ours –– is on the line. That is both unacceptable and plain foolish. 

We’ve seen our communities stand together in the face of the extreme before and I believe in my heart that we’ll see that same unity in action again now. If we sound off in numbers to let Congress know that our communities will not stand for corporate greed to be put over public health and welfare, we can secure a win for all working people that will protect us, our loved ones and our very way of life.   

via ennifer Epps-Addison
Network President & Co-Executive Director, CPDA

Shutting off water during a pandemic?

Currently, people across the country are not able to wash their hands because their water service is turned off.

This is horrifying, especially during this critical time when the most widely endorsed strategy to prevent or manage the coronavirus (COVID-19) is to wash our hands frequently.

The pandemic is making it all the more clear: water access is critical for public health. We all deserve access to water in order to be able to keep ourselves and our communities safe.

Join us now in urging Congress to support a nationwide moratorium on water shutoffs amid the coronavirus pandemic.

In 2018, our research found that an estimated 15 million people in the United States experienced a water shutoff in one year due to nonpayment of water bills.¹

Shutoffs occur primarily in communities of color with higher poverty levels and low-income communities. Households that were shut off are now struggling to prevent the rampant spread of the coronavirus, as well as prevent their own families from becoming sick, because they don’t have running water to wash their hands.

But we’re working to change this. So far, more than 100 cities across the country have stopped water shutoffs, including New Orleans, Jacksonville, Detroit and Columbia.

This is a growing movement, but we need more cities across the country on board, and we need our federal government to step up and ensure that everyone’s access to water is protected. In the midst of a global pandemic like the coronavirus, it’s time to guarantee access to clean and affordable water for all.

Send your message now: Demand the federal government enact a national moratorium on water shutoffs, with immediate service restoration across the country.

via ​​​​​​
Mary Grant
Public Water For All Campaign Director
Food & Water Action and Food & Water Watch

Coronavirus Updates: Monday, March 16

• Cities around the world close non-essential services: From Paris to New York City to Madrid to Hoboken, cities across the country close restaurants, theaters, schools and other non-essential services to help limit the spread of the coronavirus. Per CDC guidelines released Sunday, gatherings of 50 people or more should be canceled for the next eight weeks.

• Elective medical services canceled: Around the country, medical procedures from elective to “non-essential” surgeries are being canceled. The U.S. surgeon general said limiting procedures can help hospitals prevent the virus from spreading in medical facilities.

• Updates from the White House: Over the weekend, Trump announced he tested negative for coronavirus. The federal reserve also slashed interest rates to near 0. During a press conference on Monday, the administration shared that the new CDC guidance is to limit in-person gatherings to less than 10 people.

• Few Americans have been tested: So far, only about 4,000 Americans have been tested for the coronavirus. Scientists predict that for every confirmed case, there are about five to 10 unconfirmed ones.

• Countries close their borders: The Czech Republic, Cyprus, Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Slovakia closed their borders. Germany will partially close its borders and Canada will close its borders to all non-citizens minus U.S. residents. The U.S. will now also prohibit British and Irish residents from entering the U.S.

• More stars tests positive: Idris Elba shares he tested positive for the coronavirus. “Look we live in a divided world right now…but now is a time for solidarity. Now is a time for thinking about each other,” Elba said in a video sharing his diagnosis. Actor Kristofer Hivju who played Tormund Giantsbane on “Game of Thrones” also tested positive.