Stealth Health Lunches Kids Love Cookbook review

With school just in a week or so it’s that time again to come up with healthy quick lunches kids would love to put in their lunch boxes! Not only that we all deal with the dilemma of healthy eating for kids. They can be picky and it’s a hit or miss half the time and let’s face it gluten loaded lunches can drag our kids down.

With the new cookbook Stealth Health Lunches Kids Love: Irresistible and Nutritious Gluten-Free Sandwiches, Wraps and Other Easy Eat, by Tracy Griffith you can take the guest work out of this hassle and make some nutritious and amazing lunches your child is guaranteed to love. Recipes in the book are all gluten free and unique aiming purely to be healthy and get the kids energized which is a mega help during school hours. Not only are they healthy but they are fun, delighting kids with plenty of variety to choose from.


Right away the cookbook is filled with really easy recipes. All of which can be made fast, are kid friendly  this means mostly that not only are they eye catching, but in small portions that pertain to kids. There are different parts to the book, which include the sandwich area, rolls, pita pockets, rolls.  gems wraps and buns. You have sidekicks or nibbles ( snacks)  dips and spread as well as a section on how to cook perfect sushi rice. Rice is used in more than half of the recipe which also use what is called Gem Wraps. An all-natural wrap made from fruit and vegetable puree. Side note they are not good as a standalone they are meant to eat using the recipes in the cookbook in chapter four. Trust me on this.
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WIN – Best Lunch Box Ever Cookbook

School is here! Ready to make those lunches? No? Well think  again if you are dreading this daily chore to help get the kids off to school. The Cookbook Best Lunch Box Ever , ideas and recipes for School Lunches Kids Will Love by Katie Sullivan Morford is a promising cookbook to help get parents and kids excited about school lunches again.


Sometimes you just need help , an idea to help put together a lunch. Kids get tired of the same old things, peanut butter and jelly, an apple a salad. Boring! Spice up that lunch box and have the kids help .

With 10 Chapters to go through you have plenty to choose from, the Brown Bag basics which is tips to keep food cool till lunch, portion sizes and more. Planning is important, there’s a section on this and it will help even the most unorganized parent prepare lunch easier. Don’t skip this chapter! Next is the food chapters, your array of sandwiches, including just a few are- Smoked Salmon Tea Sandwich, Chickpea Panini and Turkey Hummus Cuties. You have Salads that are aimed for children, roll ups, wraps, and a whole chapter on how to help turn left overs into an amazing lunch. Not skipping the main bulk is fruits and vegetables, little extras to add in there for the kids and even a section for some healthy treats like Rosie’s Energy Balls and more. I like the additional chapters for after school snacks. Yet another daily thing that parents like myself sometimes come to dread. You just serve the same things over and over, well Katie helps take you through the steps and tips to kick up not only your kids lunch box meal but after-school goodies the kids will adore you for! I made some Shredded BBQ Pork Wraps for the kids from leftovers. Perfect size for the lunch box!
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