Holiday Gift Guide for Pets

The Holidays are here and there is a family member that we don’t want to ignore. Your pet shouldn’t feel left out of the celebration! Here are a few functional luxuries that you can add to your ‘To Buy’ list this Holiday Season.

The High 5 Dogs Clic Leash – This item is a great addition for anyone that goes out and about with their dog. We reviewed it here on Have Sippy and were impressed with the quality and innovation of this leash and their over the shoulder option for hands free walking. After writing the review I was in a restaurant and saw no less than three dogs tethered to tables and realized just how great a product this is. Read out review here.


Green Goo – Fur & Feathers Homeopathic Care – by Sierra Sage – If your pet has any issues like dry, cracked paws, cuts, scrapes, or skin irritations here is a natural option to treat them. Avoid chemicals and consider this herbal remedy. We tested it on a dog with a scrape and were really happy with the results. It does have a nice but strong scent and works like a balm so firmer than a cream you just spread on. I like the fact that it can even be used on humans, because that is the standard I want for anything going on my pet.

Elf Pet Pajamas – At Target – These aren’t just cute for your pet. They have matching pajamas for the whole family! Kids, parents, and pet can walk around this Holiday as elves. They have more than just this design in pet night wear so take a look here or elsewhere on line but imagine the fun family pictures this can make.

Convertible Igloo Pet Bed – This 2 in 1 pet bed is a great option for anyone interested in the Igloo bed but might not want to use it year round. My dog loves it in the winter when my room tends to get cold. In the summer I can use it just as a regular bed. The only thing is it seems to only come in a small size so good for small dogs and cats. You can check it out on Amazon.
Convertible 2 in 1 Dog or Cat Pet Bed, Chocolate

Mystixx Vampire Doll Review

This is Kalani! She is a doll that transforms from a vampire into a school girl just by turning her head! In addition to Kalani, there are also 3 other dolls that you can get: Talin, Silva, or Azra.

All of the dolls have different personalities that focus on characteristics, like confidence, compassion, competiveness, and intelligence. The storyline says that the girls are all from different backgrounds, and they have recently started going to a new school together.

I received Kalani. Although my daughter is a little young for the vampires and such, she thought that it was pretty cool that the [Read more…]