American Girl Doll-Caroline Abbott Review #GiftGuide

I was lucky enough to be able to review the Historical Caroline American Girl Doll. As you can already tell, my daughter was very happy to have a new perfect doll to add to her collection.

Caroline Abbott-As the War of 1812 begins, so does the story of Caroline Abbott’s bravery. She loves sailing with her father, but when he’s captured, Caroline must help keep the family’s shipyard running. When she sees a chance to rescue her father, Caroline discovers that she must use her mind and heart to guide her decisions.

Your Caroline Doll can be purchased several different ways. You can purchase the Doll & Book for $105, The Doll, Book, & Accessories for $124, or the Doll & Boxed Set for $128.

We received the Doll & Book to review.

Our Thoughts:

As you can see in the pictures above, Ella absolutely loved her new baby. The American Girl Magazine is Ella’s dream catalog. [Read more…]

JumpSport iBounce Kids Trampoline Bundle Reivew #GiftGuide

activision thru philly 11 26 083We recently reviewed the JumpSport iBounce Kids Trampoline Bundle. As with most parents, we have a pretty active kiddo. Having something fun and active indoors that can be used on rainy, or snowy days is fantastic. The trampoline bundle also comes with the Tablet Mount, and 3 Hop-Along with Rompity Roo DVD’s.

The bungee cords provide a soft and lively bounce while the handle bar adds stability so little ones can work on their balance and motor skills. With a JumpSport iBounce Tablet Mount, your kids will be able to exercise while watching the Hop-Along with RompyRoo.

The video is also available as an eBook on most platforms. Let the grand adventures begin!


  • Durable Steel Frame
  • 48″ x 48″ x 48″ Triangle
  • Jumping Surface: 12 inches from the floor
  • Height of handle: 34 inches from the floor
  • Weight: 13.5 lbs
  • Strong, long lasting Elastic Cords
  • Weight Limit: 75 lbs
The trampoline was [Read more…]

The Wot Wots- Cute Plush Toy Review #GiftGuide

package waiting to surprise Little Man

The Wot Wots are taking the country by storm. Or rather they should be- The Wot Wots are cute little aliens who explore and discover with a sense of good and love, while also being creative and forgiving, being curious about their surroundings and constantly learning and having fun. All around wonderful role models- and funny for kiddos.

There are 2 Wot Wots- Dotty Wot, the pilot of the ship who is patient and supportive, and Spotty Wot, who is impulsive and enthusiastic, but considerate and artistic. He is the ships mechanic. The ship itself is a steam powered space ship, which is interesting as well. The Wot Wots’ main mode of transportation are their hover chairs, which float around and get them as close as possible to all kinds of animals. The Wot Wot’s ship once landed in a zoo where they explore and learn.

The [Read more…]

Beanie- My 1st Story- Jack & the Beanstalk Review and Give it Away #GiftGuide

Reading to your kids has been proven to blossom your little ones into little readers in ways teaching can not and between this and setting a good example and reading yourself, your kids minds will constantly grow and expand. But there is an age old problem parents have, and that is, what to read? There are billions of books available, many of which have stunning stories. But the real trick is to find a book which is both interesting to your kids and to yourself. I personally love nostalgia, the times of being a kid are always get to recollect. One of the most fun ways to do this is with classic stories and fairy tales.

The problem being, most kids have heard them all, in one manner or another and are bored [Read more…]

Fisher Price Kitchen and Table #GiftGuide

With every generation there are improvements to tried and true toys like dolls, horses, GI Joe’s even Ninja Turtles and Transformers. Some work out great and some don’t. The newest kitchen play set from Fisher Price is one of the ones that work great. The play set is called the Servin’ Surprises Kitchen &Table. This play set includes a table with convertible stove top, removable oven and magic serving trays, more about these in a bit, four slices of pizza with toppings and pizza cutter, four cookies with baking sheet, and cutlery for two.

This kitchen [Read more…]

Furby and K-Mart’s Fab 15

There is a new toy in town, one that looks very familiar to many of us. The Furby, but the newest generation of Furby is more interactive, more digital, and talks quite a bit more. Furby is the original robotic pet, first introduced to us in 1998 and was immediately the must have toy of the holiday season. Furbies were in play rooms, living rooms, and even offices. I personally have 2, the one on the right and a white one that is currently lost in Little’s room. They were to so prevalent in offices that the NSA forbid them from being brought into their own offices for fears of it recording and learning national secrets. This is not really a valid concern as Furby’s do no record anything, but it’s funny! Ah, government….

The early generation Furby’s learned, talked and interacted with the person playing with it. They are learning based directly on the level of interaction and time spent with the Furby. The newest generation of Furbies work in a similar manner, but updated and with newer tech and more attitude. The tech includes an app to feed and play with your Furby, brand new LCD screen eyes which give you a peak into the Furby’s thoughts with a ton of emotion and meaning behind each pixel. These eyes are (to daddy) a welcome change to the original Furby which had big realistic eyes that kind of freaked him out a bit.The newest additions include more emotions and a more attitude driven play experience. Instead of simple action -reaction play there is action-emotion driven reaction. What this means is, if your Furby doesn’t like music and you play music for her, she will become aggravated and be mad at you. If you continue being inattentive to Furby’s needs, the Furby will get angrier. It is amazing how much this little fluffy ball of circuits, [Read more…]