5 Holiday Meal Preparation and Organization Tips

Planning a huge holiday meal for family and friends can be quite an ordeal. Heck, planning dinners during the average work week can be a hassle, so when you’re hosting a slew of people during the busy holiday season, you’d better put some extra time into planning, preparation, and organization if you don’t want your dinner to be a complete disaster. Although you probably have some notion of the amount of work that has to be done and at least a few menu items your guests will expect, still it can’t hurt to get the ball rolling early in order to avoid any major snafus at the eleventh hour. Here are just a few tips that should help to ensure your holiday feast goes off without a hitch.

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Plan and shop early. Once you have an idea of how many people are coming to your holiday meal you can begin planning the menu and shopping for items you’ll need. This is important for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, traditional items may sell out as the holidays approach. If you wait until just a few days before your feast to pick up meats, pie crusts, and other items, you may find them out of stock at your local market, leaving you scrambling to hit other stores or plan a new menu. Additionally, however, you’re bound to miss something and you want to make sure you still have plenty of time to pick up ingredients that you accidentally forgot to put on your initial shopping list.
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Bob Evans – Easy Holiday Meals

With the holiday season in full swing and some of them have even past (Thanksgiving, first night of Hanukkah, etc.)  the chaos is upon us.

How can one person expect to buy presents, clean the house, make stellar meals followed by a huge, mega good, meal AND make sure everyone is having a good time who is staying over the house?  The answer-  It isn’t possible, either you need some helpers or you need some help.  Bob Evans is a great way to get meal help.

Think of their farm fresh dishes as a neighbor throwing in a hand to help out.

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These dishes go from boneless turkey breast that melts in your mouth to stuffing and mashed potatoes that are, “I have to know how to make these'”  good.  There are lots of options in regard to dishes and they range from sides like mashed potatoes to home fries and buttered sweet corn.  Next are the main courses which include ham, turkey and country fried steak.  Of course there are also breads and desserts.  Desserts are pies of various types including cherry, pumpkin and pecan and even fresh baked chocolate chip cookies.


We had a pre- thanksgiving turkey meal and I can honestly say all the food was phenomenal.  The turkey was moist, the mashed potatoes were awesome, and the pie didn’t last long at all.  The gravy was smooth and the cranberry sauce tart and full of real cranberries.


The prices are also quite affordable and with pre ordering available and simple reheat instructions enclosed Bob Evens is definitely a useful neighbor to have.
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