Adorable Travel Books For Kids – And Travel With Children Advice

Brandon Rudd, Publisher of the new travel book series for kids – Cooper’s Pack Travel Guides – has some tips and tricks on traveling with your kids- and of course, some cute books as well. Cooper’s Pack has launched four children’s travel books (so far) featuring London, Seattle, New York City and Alaska. Little Man loved checking these out- they are a fun way to introduce kids to new cities, and travel in general.

1. Learn about where you are going before you go.

EXAMPLE: Read a travel guide, search the internet, talk to a relative or
friend about their experiences there). Everyone wins when they are invested
in trip.

2. Bring a friend…

EXAMPLE: Bring your best friend…if they can’t go, bring your favorite
stuffed animal friend. Stuffed animals love to travel too!

3. Take a camera!

EXAMPLE: Take pictures of your favorite sites, stuffed animal and things
you can’t see at home.

4. Bring a small backpack

EXAMPLE: Bring a small [Read more…]