Skylanders Trap Team

With the recent craze of toys meet video games, Skylanders has been one top producer. With an ever expanding army of toys as well as innovative new ways to play, Skylanders are in it for the long haul. Their most recent release is no different. Instead of swapping or modifying figures, now you can trap villain characters and use them in game as your own. This might sound confusing or difficult, but in true Skylanders fashion, it is easy and fun to play. Also for the first time, you will be able to play as Kaos, who is the main villain and has never been playable previously.

10 13 14 161Skylanders started with Spyro’s Adventure and the collecting began which was the originator of bring toys into the video game through a portal. This was a smashing success and led to Skylanders Giants which brought us big figures and characters who were more powerful as well as larger in game. Also brought into the game are light-core figures who have glowing light core parts and updates of previous figures. Swap Force came next allowing players to swap out character traits to put together their favorites into a new character. Now we have Trap Team which uses special crystals to capture enemies which can be summoned then controlled by the player to further expand the Skylanders universe.
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