Trudeau – Making Food Prep Easy

Coffee is life’s bood for many.  Most are very specific in their personal tastes, and either only enjoy a certain brew from a certain source or only enjoy their beverage a certain way.  While I’m not that picky, and no one in this house is, I will tell you that my husband’s favorite way to make coffee is infusion by French Press.  This method has you first put your coffee into a beaker then add almost boiling water.  This makes the coffee blend with the water.  The longer you keep the infusion working, the stronger and more robust the favor becomes.  If you want something on the tame side, use less coffee and steep for a shorter amount of time.  Once you are ready to drink, press the filter through your beverage from top to bottom and pour.  The grounds stay at the bottom. Enjoy your fresh made French Press coffee.  This coffee can be as personal and unique as you are so, experiment and find your favorite.  But be warned- this may be your new favorite coffee.  The coffee press by Trudeau is perfect for this and has superb quality as well as making 34oz.

coffee press

Next up are some school lunch or work lunch necessities from Trudeau, FUEL. FUEL features a variety of innovations and “I need that” designs that set the line apart from traditional lunch box offerings such as; individual condiment containers, a salad bowl with built in dressing storage and ice pack, a multi compartmentalized Bento Box with removable insides, a vacuum sealed soup and food container with separate pieces to house crackers and chips, snap together cutlery, double walled hydration and beverage bottles, and so much more.

kids lunch

We had the pleasure of trying many of their items.  First up is the classic bag which has the feel and look of a classic lunch bag, but is reusable and insulated to keep cold stuff cold and hot stuff hot.  There is a velcro strip to keep your food in place as well.  The bag is tear resistant and stain resistant as well, so those spaghetti fall outs stay in place and are a breeze to clean up when you get home.  Snack pockets fit a variety of foods and are perfect for trail mix.  They are lined and tear resistant with a velcro at the top to keep food in its place.  The common theme of the FUEL products are that they are easy to use, reusable, and easy to clean.  The Snap cutlery set includes a fork and spoon which snap together for easy storage and the ability to keep them both in the same place without digging around for a fork when all you have is a spoon.  The stainless steel food jar can keep food cold or hot for up to 6 hours, is BPA free, and has a big wide mouth making it easy to eat from and fill up.  It is also easy to open when you want to and easy to keep closed while stowing it- less spills and messes in your lunchbox that way.  The Condiment Set includes three different colored containers great to hold salad dressings, condiments, sauces, dips, nuts, etc. Each with a 1.5 oz. capacity.  This is perfect for small snacks or little dips and such.  Perfect for camping and picnics or veges and dip for a work time snack.