Toasty Totes – Warm and Dry, To Go!

Toasty Totes are an interesting product.  For one, it is multipurpose and not in the way you can use play dough to stop a leak in a pipe.  More along the lines of, “this is actually useful.”   The Toasty Tote is an item which will slowly become a necessity for the back of your car,  much like the re-usable shopping bags are now.  These interesting portable totes are not only a portable blanket, as well as a cushion, but also a blanket, and a handy carrying device.  That’s a lot of uses.


Sure, it’s not big enough to carry a body- but only a steamer chest will do for this purpose.  And what are you up to, carrying bodies around?  What’s wrong with you?  Knock it off, already.  Moving on.

The tote can be easily wrapped around yourself for an extra layer of warmth when it gets too cold or the air is too nippy.  You can also try wrapping it around a folding chair for quick and easy transport.  There possibilities for the Toasty Tote are almost as endless as they are for Lego’s.  Yeah, I said it. With the Velcro straps and various arrangements of organization available, the only thing holding you back is your own ingenuity.  The more often you bring around Toasty Tote, the more often you will realize how useful it is.  My husband is adding it to his “bug out” bag, you should get one for yours as well.  What, no bug out bag?  That’s a problem.  You need a bug out bag.  And you should add to it a Toasty Tote.  Also, it’s useful for baseball games when they just drag ON and ON and never end and it’s freezing and the kids are all whiny because it’s cold….so, double useful.  Zombies, or terrible baseball games that won’t end.  I’ll bet you can come up with some ways as well, but those are the best two, I think.
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