DiscoRobo – Fun Radio and Robot For Eevryone

DiscoRobo is back with even more fun.  DiscoRobo is TOSY Robotics fun, dancing to the music robot.  The little guy can dance to any music played or even hand clapping, beatbox, drum beats, or foot steps- although the best is music with a lot of bass in it.  It is great fun watching the little guy shake and move on the floor or on his radio.  In addition to the regular dancing DiscoRobo can do, there is also a special headstand where he can do said headstands and breakdancing moves.  This is interesting as well, but DiscoRobo shines as an on the floor dancer.  His face changes to the music as well, completing the scene for a dancing robot in your living room.

discoroboThere is also a way to interact with DiscoRobo via his app, available for iOS, Android and Windows.  This app lets you chat with and commend the robot to do as you wish, within its capabilities.  Pretty much dancing.  If you get more then one DiscoRobo, together the two can also chat with each other.
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WIN Knivio M2 Bluetooth speaker system


Are you looking for the perfect gift for the Dad in your life for Father’s Day?  By the way Father’s Day is this weekend, so get moving.  I have an idea for you.  Everyone loves music and I know the Dads in my life do as well.   Whether it is classic rock or easy listening Dads enjoy their tunes.  The best way to make them happy in this wireless Bluetooth digital age with an updated speaker system.  When looking for speakers be sure to go with a good system that is versatile and has sharp crisp sound.  The Knivio M2 Bluetooth speaker system is one system which hits all the marks and comes it at a nice low price point, for now.

The speakers are a 2.1 system meaning 2 satellite speakers and one sub woofer. the speakers may look small and stylish but they pack a punch.  With these speakers it is easy to fill a man cave with sound.  The et we have is now a fixture of our basement right near the retro-gaming TV.  It is quick the contrast old to new, but for any audiophile the speakers are appreciated.  Not only do the speakers support Bluetooth connections but also an RCA/3.5mm connection as well which is very nice for those of us with a more low tech man cave or if you just aren’t sure which your Dad would use anyway.
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Just Announced: Bruno Mars Joins 2014 Gala

You’re invited to join us for an exciting and inspiring event  
on May 17, 2014 in New Orleans.
Make It Right’s 2014 gala will feature founder and event chairman Brad Pitt, internationally celebrated performing artists including Bruno Mars, award-winning chefs and inspiring conversations. A longer list of performers and special guests will be released over the next few weeks.
In addition to providing critical financial support, this extraordinary event will highlight the communities Make It Right is helping across the country – Hurricane Katrina victims in New Orleans, disabled veterans in Newark, New Jersey, underserved families in Kansas City, Missouri and Native Americans on the Fort Peck Indian Reservation in Montana.

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21st Annual Blind Willie McTell Blues Festival

The annual one day fest, held on Saturday, May 10, 2014, with a large fan base from all over the Southeast, will be held at the regular festival site, on Stagecoach Road, 300 yards off Washington Highway, north of Thomson, Georgia. Tickets, which are $30 advance and $40 day of, go on sale March 1.

pic 1

The event is held each year to bring great American roots and blues music and musicians to the rural South, as well as pay tribute to country blues legend McTell, a Thomson native son, born and buried in the Happy Valley area of McDuffie County. The small town feel and exceptional quality of the music presented year in and year out, makes the McTell Festival a special event indeed. Annually, the organizers strive to feature artists who offer the best in American music, focusing on the styles of Americana, folk, gospel, rock, blues and all its variations….with musicians that our smaller market can support; music played by folks at the top of their game.

Headlining this year will be Los Lobos, a multiple Grammy Award–winning, American roots rock band from East Los Angeles, California. Their music is influenced by rock and roll, Tex-Mex, country, folk, R&B, blues, brown-eyed soul, more. Their live electric show is white-hot, featuring the very best of over 20 albums of music filtered through 40 years of playing together in this lineup. They are led by multi-instrumentalist and vocalist David Hidalgo, regularly recognized the world over as one of the very best guitarists working today. In addition to fronting Los Lobos, he is routinely included on the roster of Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Guitar Festivals, held bi-annually around the nation to showcase the all guitarists of note.
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Bob’s Favorite Sing Along Songs



Children love music, there’s no doubt about it! It brings joy to kids at such an early age we as parents want them to explore and enjoy it throughout their lives. What better way to do that with Bob McGrath’s new Favorite Sing Along Songs? You may remember Bob McGrath as a child yourself who was on Sesame Street!

With his new CD and great children’s sing along songs he once again brings some joy into our households. 30  songs , including “If Your Happy and You Know It” gets the kids engaged right from the get go. Encouraging them to get up, dance clap and sing along throughout the entire CD. He takes the all-time favorite and classic children’s songs and turns them into upbeat vibrant loads of fun to brighten any day. Out of the 30 songs, 15 of these are instrumental giving the kids a chance to sing by themselves or just listen to all the instruments within each. I like that, the first song get’s them all pumped up and singing and they can carry it out through the repeat with just the instruments. My kids got a kick out of that.

I enjoyed the way my kids were able to sing along to every song. We know them already but sometimes you hear a song that’s too fast or honestly too slow which makes the kids not want to jump in with the words. Bob did a wonderful job taking these classic songs and keeping them to what they were made for- getting those kids to fall in love with the music. It’s so important to get the kids involved , have them burst into songs is just one way to do it. Play it during clean up, play it during snack time! Get those kids on the dance floor and have them bust out some moves.
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Top 5 Benefits of Music Education for Kids

If you’re thinking about enrolling your child into some music education classes, but you’re not sure if it will really matter one way or another if you do, then you’ve certainly come to the right article. The truth is that your child can greatly benefit from taking some music classes for a myriad of reasons. We have enclosed five of them below:

It’s good for their brain. Although oftentimes, when we think of music, we look at it from the standpoint of it being something that amuses and entertains us, there are actually many studies that support the fact that by putting your child in a music class, it does wonders for their brain. That’s because there is scientific evidence that has revealed that music tends to stimulate the part of our minds that solves math, helps to do comprehensive reading and also processes our emotions.

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5 Reasons to Encourage Your Kids to Play a Musical Instrument

Music is everywhere: you listen to it in your car and your home. It is in the elevator
at work and the department store in the mall. Chances are you often hear music without
even realizing it. Music breaks the barriers of language, race, space and time, and its
benefits for a prosperous life are innumerable. So the next time you catch your child
banging on your $500 set of pots and pans, let him bang away because your budding
drummer’s future is worth even more.

  1. The most obvious advantage of your child learning to play music is that it
    promotes creativity. Music requires using different parts of the brain than analytical
    subjects like math and science. Whether or not your child is a destined virtuoso,
    exercising the creative areas of his or her brain is healthy for your child’s development.
    This artistic outlet provides a positive channel for your children to express themselves.
    They will also find confidence in being able to communicate their emotions more
    effectively and pride in measuring their progress. With music, there are infinite
    opportunities for learning, encouraging your child to constantly strive for improvement.
  2. Just like adults, kids can experience stress. School can be overwhelming for
    a young mind, and playing music can help your child release his frustrations. Regular
    practice provides your child an outlet to relax in a routine.
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