New York Renaissance Faire Fun

Last week, we went to the New York Renaissance Faire for some historical fun and silliness.  We also got to see a Mike the Knight show while we were there, which delighted many children in the audience.

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My son loved all the pirates he saw everywhere, and of course had to check out all the food stalls.  He had to have one of the giant turkey legs that the Ren Faire is famous for, and while eating, chatted with two of the costumed period players who didn’t know what a plastic knife was, nor a napkin.  He even ate a piece of the napkin, much to my son’s delight, lol.

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Mike the knight did two shows, and the one we went to see was packed.  The kids were shouting and yelling for their favorite knight.  There was also a jousting match with “real” knights on horseback, matching skills and trying to please the “Queen” and win her favor.  At the end, the kids all got to line up and get knighted by the queen and her courtiers.
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