WIN Pajaminals Board Book and Plush Toy

My daughter loves to read. I don’t think there’s anything else she would rather do than cuddle up with my husband or I and read. So, when we found out the popular children’s show Pajanimals (Running Press Kids) teamed up with The Jim Henson Company  to make a book, we were completely and 100% sold!

As a mom, it is so important for me to see my daughter enjoy reading.
I love the fact that Sweet Pea Sue Makes a New Friend encourages my daughter to use her imagination. It also teaches her not to be afraid of people (or things) that are different than she is. In fact, after reading this book to her a few times, I’ve noticed that her own fears have decreased a little bit! She no longer screams at the sight of mannequins at the store when I remind her of Sweet Pea Sue and her friend Ellie. That, my friends, is a huge accomplishment!

Sweet Pea Sue book

Not only does this book have a great message, but it also includes reusable stickers that you can stick on each page to make the book “come to life”.  I mean, could it get better than that?
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