Orangutan Diaries – Saving Our Closest Relatives

Coming Soon to a TV near you- Orangutan Diaries. This 250 minute documentary is broken up into 2 discs. This movie follows a tale from the Borneo Orangutan Foundation. This establishment is a safe haven to orangutans in the Borneo region, nursing hurt or sick orangutans back to full health.

Making his Orangutang face LOL

At the time of filming there were 600 orangutans at the foundation. One of the first things you will notice is 600 orangutans are a lot of monkeys. That, and on first look, these people have the most awesome job in the world 🙂 They get to play with monkeys all day! It could be such fun to play with monkeys all day. The not so fun part, some are sick or hurt, and the reasons can [Read more…]