Planes- Activity Sheets and Franz’s Song

To celebrate the release of Planes on DVD and Blu Ray check out these activity sheets and a song by Franz Fliegenhosen the friendly German aerocar like you’ve never seen him before.
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Planes – How to Draw Dusty Video

Evern wonder how those wonderful atists at Disney make all those characters come to life with only a few pencil strokes and some paint?

Well take a look at the video below for a sneak peak at a bonus clip which tells us how to draw Dusty from Planes.
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Disney’s Planes Salutes National Aviation History Month

Disney’s Planes is celebrating National Aviation History Month with a very special offer. A month-long celebration of U.S. aviation’s storied past, with the release of the high-flying family adventure PLANES on Blu-ray, DVD, Digital HD and On-Demand on November 19, and through educational partnership with aviation museums across the country. During the month of November select aviation museums will feature “PLANES”-inspired learning materials designed to introduce children to the exhilarating world of flight and its most celebrated figures. For more information on participating museums, please visit the Planes Facebook page.
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6 Ways to Get the Best Deal on Private Jet Flights

When it comes to group travel, many people simply wind up paying too much. They don’t realize, for example, that a private jet flight can be significantly cheaper than flying commercial when you’re talking about a sizable group of people. Not only that, there are a number of tactics you can use to get even better prices when you book your private jet flights.
Here are some tactics you can use to charter a jet and save money for your company or group:

  1. Start by looking at “empty leg” flights.

When someone charters a private jet and is staying in the destination city for more than a day, the chartered jet often has to fly back to its home airport empty. The charter jet company factors this into the original flight’s cost, and so they’re not losing money in doing so.
However, most charter jet companies do try to recoup additional costs by offering seats on those return flights. An empty leg flight can cost as little as half of the normal cost of a private jet flight.
In order to take advantage of empty leg flights, you need to be flexible in your travel arrangements. You need to be able to postpone, reschedule, or extend your travel. In some cases, you can take an empty leg flight one direction (either going to or from your destination) and schedule a regular private jet charter for the other leg.

  1. Consider private jet “pooling.”

Some private jet companies will allow individuals to share a private jet with other passengers at a reduced cost. This is closer to the idea of flying commercial; you pay for your seat, rather than chartering the entire plane. You still get the benefits of flying charter, such as the private tarmac and luxury service, as well as direct flights.
Not all private jet companies allow pooling, but for those that do you can expect to save as much as 30-50% off the cost of chartering the jet.

  1. Look at fractional ownership.

If you’re flying 50 hours or more each year, fractional ownership might be a better option for you. Fractional ownership means that you own a portion of the private jet’s time. You might own 1/16 of a jet, for example, as well as being responsible for a portion of its maintenance fees as well as hourly flying charges. [Read more…]