Power Rangers Legacy Megazord

Power Rangers are now in their 20th season. If you have been under a rock since 1993, the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers are regular teenagers who morph into ninja heroes. When the situation gets hairy, they are able to call upon their zords, which are based on animals including dinosaurs. But when the situation is end of the world caliber all the stops come out and the zords come together to form a Megazord. This Megazord is made up of all the power rangers and their zords to create a truly powerful weapon to vanquish villains of every caliber.

Legacy MegazordTo celebrate 20 seasons of Power Rangers, Bandai is releasing a new line of toys to go along with the newest iteration of Power Rangers, Power Rangers Mega Force. These toys are the first time Bandai is bringing together Power Cards along with the toys. Power Cards are a new ways for kids to interact with their toys. Power Cards interact and integrate with the toys themselves, [Read more…]