Family Fun in Frankfurt, Germany

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Frankfurt Zoo

Frankfurt Zoo is located in the middle of the Main area, and there you can visit with more than 4,500 animals in over 450 species. You and your children can also venture into a goat “petting zoo” area, where you kids can actually enter the pen and play with these gentle creatures who are very used to small children. (Note- please watch your kids carefully so that they are not poking the animals in some rough manner.) Open every day of the year from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm (summer) or to 5:00 pm (winter), the ticket booth and animal house both close a half hour prior to closing.

frankfurt zoo

These animals are housed by social species specific groups, as they would in the wild, with habitats painstakingly created to make them as close to their natural, wild homes as possible, and to keep the animals comfortable. There are several animal houses, where you can meander through and find related species. My son loved the Grzimek House (the largest nocturnal animal house in Europe and darkened to keep the animals happy) and the rare finds there such as the Aye-Aye’s, Coendus, Kiwis, and bushbabies.
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