Going Cross Country With the Family

Cross country road trips have become increasingly popular over the last few years, with families
looking to have fantastic adventures without breaking the budget. Road trips offer the chance for you
to really explore our great big country, maybe visit places you have ever thought of going before and
discover the best that America has to offer; they are also a great bonding experience for the parents
and children alike. You will be making memories that will ultimately last a lifetime.

road tripHowever, traveling across country can be an expensive form of travel if you have never tried it
before. When you add up your fuel costs, accommodation, food and activities, it can be equal to, or
even greater than, a trip abroad. Don’t worry though! There are some simple tips that will help you to
have the holiday that you deserve on the budget that you can afford.

Create your itinerary 2 months in advance

So once you have decided that this is the perfect trip for you, you need to start planning as this is
the best way to make sure that you can stick to your budget and still get the most from your holiday.
Look at the areas you want to incorporate into your trip. Try using Google maps as this will plot the
total distance for you. This will then give you an indicator as to the amount of fuel it will cost [Read more…]

SeatPets – How Cute Are These? For Fun and Travel

I don’t know about you but my son just adores his seat belt. (Cough….Who doesn’t, right? Hmmm…) He puts it on all the time without fail, never fighting even a little bit, all by himself with no coaxing. (Can you tell I’m kidding?) Well, now he does. You see, very recently we were able to install his favorite accessory of the car. The fun, new SeatPet. This wonderful invention takes the idea of a a seat belt cover and adds a few upgrades- It is a seat belt cover, a stuffed animal, and a handy storage container for the car (and a very useful nap pillow).

Watching him nap in the car without anything just makes my neck hurt, and leads to the “car shuffle” to find his small pillow. But with the SeatPet he always has a pillow to pass out onto/with. The critter is so soft and cuddly, you can even get away with bringing him inside at your destination [Read more…]

How to survive a road trip with the kids

“Are we nearly there yet?”

Those dreaded words, if you’ve ever gone for a drive that lasts longer than 10
minutes you can be sure that you will hear some variation of this universal
complaint. So, for those unavoidable, longer road trips what can we do to keep
the kids happy?

Water Intake AND Outtake
Do you fancy cleaning milk/juice/other off your car interior? No, we didn’t think
so! Try to take water on a long journey to keep everyone hydrated but make your
life a little easier.
All that water is going to result in numerous rest stop trips. In case you can’t
get to a rest stop in time, make sure you have a potty for younger children and
emergency bottles are perfect for boys in times of need!

Snack Time
If you don’t fancy cleaning milk up then I doubt you’ll be a fan of messy foods
or crumbs. If you need to take snacks on a road trip try fruit sections – lollipops
are great for keeping the little angels quiet for a while, but watch those sticky

Think in Time Slots
Try to break your journey up [Read more…]