It’s Important For Your Kids to Feel Safe on Winter Road Trips

Winter road trips present a host of challenges. Of course, the weather can be a factor, considering where you’re driving, but there are so many other elements to consider as well. Especially when you’re traveling with your family and with your children, it’s important that everyone feels safe to have a smooth and seamless road trip.


Safety is one of the basic fundamental human needs, and children are especially affected by this need. Here are the main reasons why it’s important for your kids to feel safe on winter road trips.


Safety encourages rest


When kids feel truly safe, they are able to relax and rest. In the case of road trips, this means they’re able to sleep, or just relax to a level of calmness that keeps everyone happy. Especially when you are driving long distances, it’s necessary that kids find time to sleep – and this can only really happen if they are incredibly tired, as well as if they feel safe.


So, make some preparations to make sure that your kids feel safe and comfortable. Encourage them to bring along their favorite books and toys, bring some familiar snacks, play soothing and enjoyable music. Especially for the first hour or so in the car, creating an environment of safety and support is crucial. Bring travel-friendly pillows and blankets as well (or maybe their favorite pillow or stuffed animal), so your kids feel as safe and secure as possible.  


Safety encourages happiness


When you feel safe, you are then able to experience a broad range of other emotions, including happiness. The same applies to children. While road trips, especially road trips with children, are not typically an experience that we associate with happiness, there’s no reason why your winter road trip can’t be a happy one!


Take extra steps to find the joy in embarking on a road trip as a family. Practice mindfulness and be open to making memories along the way. Safety is your primary concern, but don’t forget about happiness. Plus, if you have young children and can teach them early on that road trips are fun and something to look forward to, then this will help create a long-term positive association.


Safety creates a calm environment


There are many things you can do ahead of time to make sure your road trip goes as smoothly and calmly as possible. For example, when you plan out your route, make sure you have at least one or two backup routes in case of inclement weather and road closures. This will help prevent last-minute frustrations that can then stress all car passengers.


Another important thing to do before hitting the road is to make sure your car has been recently serviced and is fully prepared for any environmental hazards that may come up as a result of your winter road trip. Make sure that your tire pressure is sound, and that tire treads are up to par for winter conditions. Quality vehicles will set up you up for the best safety conditions, but even they need to be serviced regularly.


You should also bring necessary supplies with you: This means bringing tire chains, windshield cleaners, and even packing an emergency road kit like this one recommended by AAA just in case. Wherever you happen to be traveling, be aware of all potential winter elements that you could encounter, and prepare accordingly.


Another thing that’s important to do is not over-pack the car. This can be tough on winter road trips, especially if you are bringing along ski equipment or other winter gear, but you need to find a balance of how much stuff is “too much stuff” in your car. When you over-pack, stored items can impede on passengers’ personal space, which creates an underlying sense of annoyance and frustrations that are likely to bubble over at some point. Prevent this from happening by packing strategically, and investing in a rooftop carrier is needed to transport all your winter items safely.


When children feel safe, they are able to function, flourish and grow at their highest capacity. Prioritize safety as a fundamental need in life, and especially any time that you are traveling with your kids.

An Enterprise-ing Way to Travel

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Enterprise Rent-A-Car for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

 photo 12514f50-e761-4181-9409-631de574df82_zpsba2b614f.jpg

Traveling during the winter months can be interesting.  Some but not all modern cars are built for all terrain.  For those of us who love the outdoors but for the most part drive into a city for work, driving a big 4 wheel drive vehicle to work everyday is not feasible.  But what happens when over Christmas your uncle invited everyone up to the house to go skiing?  Is your little city car expected to climb those hills?  Probably not.  One of the best options in this scenario is to rent a car.

One such option for car rentals is:  Enterprise Rent-A-Car.  The reason why I would like to point your attention to Enterprise is because right now (December 1 2013 through March 31, 2014) they are running a special promotion for their Enterprise Plus members.  With the promotion members can earn double points on certain rentals.

These include:

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Prince Lionheart Travel Gear

Disclosure- I received the below in order to facilitate this review.  All opinions are my own and honest.

Having kids can be tough on your vehicle.  With sticky fingers and lost snacks, muddy feet and spilled milk, lost toys and cheerios- all will eventually be found (or not) in the cracks and crevices of your vehicle.  There are quite a few products available to help cub the ‘kidification’ of your vehicle.  Prince Lionheart has two which are particularly effective.

seat saver

First up we have the back seat organizer.  This organizer has pockets, clips, zippers, clasps, and pouches for just about everything.  This organizer installs to the back of the front seat with a few simple straps and can be put in, in minutes.  The organizer is also easy to remove so when spills do happen, clean up is a breeze.  One of the most interesting features of the organizer are the ‘distraction’ pouches.  These are opaque pouches on the upper left and right sides of the organizer meant to be grabbed and handed to your little ones to act as a distraction.  Traffic with a screaming child in the back can only be tolerated for so long before something must be done and a distraction can be all that is needed sometimes.  From a new toy, a snack, or a new book all could work and would fit in this special pocket.  Prince Lionheart calls it ‘sanity restore’, and for those who have been in the situation that is definitely the best way to describe it.
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5 Tips for Selecting a Family Tour Package for Your Next Vacation

IMG_0041A lot goes into planning a family vacation, from ordering airline tickets and booking rooms to arranging for transportation once you’re there. And it all gets more complicated when you’ve got kids in tow. It’s no longer enough to book any old room, you need to find a hotel that is reputable and clean and you have to make sure to get a non-smoking room on a non-smoking floor, not to mention enough beds to accommodate the whole family, or perhaps even adjoining rooms. And all the hassles of travel can definitely be exacerbated by having to keep track of a pack of little ones in addition to yourself. But you probably still want to play the tourist game in order to get the most out of your time away from home and work, and setting up tour packages is a great way to reduce the stress and headaches associated with seeing the sights. Here are a few tips to help you select the right ones for your family.

  1. Kid-friendly accommodations. You’re no doubt familiar with the double-decker tour buses designed to show you the skyscrapers of Times Square or the homes of Hollywood stars. But these types of open-air transport with nary a seatbelt in sight may not appeal to parents who have the safety of their children to consider. [Read more…]

In the Car Games and Tunes for Family Trips

Long family car journeys, and even some of the relatively short ones for that
matter, are often made much more problematic by the kids getting bored in the back.
We all seem to moan about it and complain that they’re “doing our heads in” and that
“we’ll turn this car around in a minute”, but we’ve been in their booster seat in the
past – trips in the car can be very, VERY dull at times.

car ridesEndless motorway miles are dull enough for the driver, it’s no surprise that the
passengers are bored and even your partner might start to go into “child-mode” and
start asking if we’re nearly there.

A lot of the problems stem from the type of car you have. A lot of the older or
more uncomfortable models can make your body go numb on the journey, which
makes you fidget and want to start stretching out. Fortunately, the majority of the
latest family cars are much more child and family friendly, with plenty of space and
comfortable seats, (take a look at some of the latest models in the range at
for examples of some of the latest new and used cars).

To liven the journey up a bit for all parties, you could do a few things. Just
keeping each other entertained for a while is a great way of keeping the tensions
away and also ensuring that you stay alert – which is key for the driver who may
find [Read more…]

5 Family Road Trip Savings Tips

It’s a tradition for many families to plan a vacation at least once a year. Although flying to some exotic location can come with its own set of perks, the memories that tend to last the longest are when people pack up their car (or SUV, minivan or RV) and set out on a road trip. Of course, in order to make the vacation as stress free as possible, it’s a good idea to have a budget set in place. That way, you can enjoy your trip without worrying about returning home to a lot of (credit card) debt.

If you’re going to take a road trip this year, we have five failsafe tips that will help you to save money. That way you can focus on the true purpose behind a vacation: rest and relaxation with the ones you love.

Have a plan. We’ve all seen movies where people have jumped into cars with no real destination in mind. That might seem like a lot of fun, but it’s not necessarily the most realistic thing (especially financially) to do. It is far smarter to look at an online map or atlas and mark a few places you’d like to see. From there, you can use your GPS system to help you create a route that will get you to those destinations the quickest. That way, you can conserve [Read more…]