Sandgrens Philly Clogs

Disclosure: The Sandgrens Philly Clogs were provided to me to help facilitate my review. All opinions are my own and honest. I am disclosing this in accordance to FTC Guidelines. Please see “Disclose” tab for more information.

With this time of year around, I am definitely a big fan of boots. I love wearing boots to work, church, and even when I am out and about running errands. With these adorable clogs from Sandgrens, I could not be any happier.

About Sandgrens:

Sandgrens Clogs was originally founded as a leather tannery in the mid 1800s. Sandgrens is considered among the oldest clog – if not the oldest – brands in the world, if not thee oldest and was once also the largest.


The Sangrens mission is to create raving fans by making our customers’ day a little bit better – every time.

Today, the Sandgrens family is going back to their roots in restoring the brand to its former greatness. They many no longer be the biggest, but their clog masters are still using the same time-honored techniques in transforming the finest leather and wood into high-quality clogs for the whole family.

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ZIPZ Shoes- fun for anytime

It’s always hard to shop for kid’s shoes. I hate, hate shopping for his shoes. It’s the most annoying thing to shop for, in my book.

pic 1Shoes and they are the biggest expense in the wardrobe, and they outgrow them so quickly….and for boys? Shoes are often boring.

When I stumbled upon ZIPZ Shoes, I found something creative. ZIPZ Shoes are removable and interchangeable shoes. By simply matching any ZIPZ COVERS with any same size ZIPZ SOULS you can make one pair of shoes into a dozen different styles- which is fun, especially considering he can’t wear boots or anything like that to his school.

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#searsStyle #NYFW Blogger Brunch

It is that time of year again- Fashion Week! It is so much fun seeing all the new styles and watching what the designers will come up with next. I had the pleasure of attending the SearsStyle Blogger Brunch, and got up close and personal with the latest styles from Sears.

Some people don’t think about Sears when it comes to shopping for clothes, but they are missing out. You can find tons of great brands and sizes, from infant, to kids, Jr.s, Womens, Mens, and Plus Size all in one place. Easy peasy one stop shopping. Then you can head on over to the other departments, and get what you need for your home. Love the convenience factor.

My Little Man and I hopped on over to the brunch just after his Kindergarten orientation. He was one of 3 dudes in the room, LOL.

We not only got the chance to see some of the latest from collections like Bongo and the new Kardashian likes, but we were also able to choose a pair of jeans we like, so we can be in the most [Read more…]

Space Hero RainBoots by Kidorable

Different clothing styles come and go, but some last for a long time- and some are just super fun. Like a constant reminder of fun and wet days 🙂 The kind of days where running across a muddy field after a rain storm isn’t only the highlight of your day, but mom doesn’t drive you nuts about getting wet and dirty, LOL. Best part of Kidorable boots? No mud of water gets inside them- not without some real effort. Kidorable Space Hero Rain boots are brightly colored and fit perfectly.

We always get boots a bit big in our house, in case a cold day comes along and multiple layers [Read more…]

Great Back-To-School Clothing with @FrenchToastcom

Little Man is about to enter Kindergarten- which is both very exciting, and making me feel like a sad sack all at the same time, LOL. He will be attending a school that requires uniforms, which will make getting dressed in the morning all that much easier.

He looks like such a big boy! Everything he is wearing is from French Toast, the clothing and school uniform company. We did shop around, and I can say without a doubt that this is the fastest, easiest, and least expensive way to get his uniforms. I think it is also the best, and though this year his school is not registered with French Toast, I hope to encourage them to to so by next year. I was not thrilled having to go to a store 25 minutes away, stand in line, make my order, then wait 30 minutes more to have it filled just for a few things that needed to be embroidered. VERY annoying. French Toast does it all- plus faster, less costly, and delivers to my door with the same school uniform quality you would get in the pricey store. BLAH.

PLUS, they give participating schools 5% cash back on all orders. Why would any school that requires uniforms not [Read more…]

Shopping at Home with Spiegel

Who doesn’t love some internet shopping? Today we are going to check out Spiegel specializes in fashion for women, and online shopping made easy. Spiegel started out in 1905, with a catalog which included women’s clothing and furniture. After 20 years of meeting the mail order needs of America, Spiegel began to branch out into European fashion, becoming the first catalog to bring European fashion into American homes.

Since that time, Spiegel has grown to mean work place fashion meets about town fashion, shoes, accessories and all the needs of the everyday woman. Ever changing and evolving to meet the needs of modern women, Spiegel is always a great catalog to browse, especially [Read more…]