WIN Give Your Closet a Wink of Pink with Kohl’s

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Khol’s is one of my favorite places to shop.  It’s so easy to stop by the local department store and shop for my husband, son, and myself all at the same time.  The prices and varieties are great, and there are often great sales going on as well.  (Right now in my local store, there is a %70 off sale going on, so you can bet I was there this week!  In addition, you get $10 Khol’s Cash for every $50 you spend- an even bigger savings.)  I bought 2 new skirts, a sweater, and a pair of capris and none of them cost more then $20.  I was pretty thrilled with my finds, my own wardrobe was in need of refreshing.  Like many moms, I am always picking up things for my son and family, and not usually myself.  This trip was for me!
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How Big Families Can Save Money on Clothes Shopping

Saving is on everyone’s mind today. Times are tough, prices are rising, and economic waters are as turbulent as ever. As we struggle to strike a balance between our income and spending, it is vitally important that we take all of our expenses into account. Large families have the most significant financial burden of all–sheltering, feeding, and clothing a small army of children is neither easy nor cheap, but there are things you can do to help ease the strain for yourself. Rather than slipping into a sense of hopelessness at the prospect of buying clothes for the whole family, take proactive steps toward bigger savings.

bootsieFirst of all, thing about things that you can buy in bulk. In most cases, as you buy more of a single product from a single merchant, the price per unit goes down. Retailers can afford to offer lower prices to customers who buy in larger quantities, which leads to those eye-catching “5 for the price of 4” deals and so forth. For things like underwear, socks, and plain white t-shirts–necessities in any wardrobe, buy in bulk for the greatest savings. You can even keep these things in storage for the inevitable day when the [Read more…] Review is one of the biggest internet retailers around and has been since 1997. There has been a constant evolution of the site which has lead to millions of satisfied customers who instead of buying items from a big warehouse support smaller scale retailers. This leads to a greater diversity in products, as well as the ability to support ‘the little guy’ while still getting exactly what they want for some stellar prices. With the support of customer service from, retailers are top shelf. [Read more…]

Having the Menopause 2nd Talk with #PoiseFab5 #Cbias

What business do I have talking about menopause? Too young, you think? Well, maybe- but lucky me- I get to go through a fantastic menopausal journey, courtesy of medically induced hormone treatment. (And NO, I am not trying to get pregnant, please!)

Poise Feminine Wellness Products #PoiseFab5 #Walmart

Are you now super jealous? Try not to be- one day, we all get to go through it, LOL. As for me- I get to do it twice! Once now, and once when I am actually supposed to- YAY ME! Hmmm….well…maybe not, but hey, what can you do, right? You can try the new Poise products to combat the side affects of menopause, take off the edge- at least feel less gross and melt-y, LOL. (Is it hot in here???)

Check out the new Poise Feminine Wellness products, which cover everything from personal hygiene to “intimate” matters. Mom may have talked with you about where babies come from- but did she ever tell you about hot flashes, night sweats, and wild mood swings? No? Well, then ladies, you need to ask!

If you have not had a period for at least 12 months, that is one way of knowing that you are in “the change”. But that’s not all- all those pretty side effects are usually a hefty tip-off. Menopause usually begins around the age of 45-55, but it all depends on your family and personal medical history.

My aunt has been dealing with menopause issues for as long as I can remember- she is always, ALWAYS hot- even walking around in the winter in t-shirts, shorts, and flip flops. The first time I had a hot flash, I felt like someone had “lit me” from the inside- it was sudden, unexpected, and I felt both insane and disgusting. (I sweat…..a lot…and felt really frantic- I had no idea what was happening!) All I wanted to do was peel [Read more…]

Rookie USA Kids SportsWear Store Moves into Manhattan #RookieUSA #CBias

I recently went to the newly opened Rookie USA store, located at 808 Columbus on the Upper West Side. Rookie USA was in a super convenient location, with lots of other stores and shopping nearby, on street parking and parking garages available. It was a beautiful day, on a beautiful street- AND I even found a parking space, and successfully parallel parked 🙂 Hey- sometimes it’s the little things!

I know- But I was so proud of myself- I am the worst parallel parker!

Rookie USA is beautifully set up, with wide open spaces (easy for pushing strollers in) and racks that are not overcrowded with clothes. The employees were friendly, and the store itself was clean and had a nice atmosphere- no loud music or flashing lights that make me want to run out as fast as I can, LOL.

The store sells clothing and accessories such as backpacks and baseball hats for infants through teenagers. They carry brands like Nike, Levi’s, Converse and Air Jordan, and even have very small jerseys. There is an entire wall of sneakers as well.

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The Best Personalized Gifts for Different Occasions

Looking for something memorable as a gift? Bored of the usual things? Personalized cards are a great way of making a standard item that you can otherwise just buy from a shop into something that’s out of the ordinary and special. The cards at come with free UK delivery, making the whole experience even more simple and easy to use.

One of the most popular choices on the website is to upload your own photo and make a completely unique card that no one else will ever have. It comes in a glossy laminated finish and you can have it in full colour print. You can either post it straight from the website, or have it posted to yourself with an envelope so you can deliver it to the recipient yourself. It can become a really sweet gesture to accompany christening gifts for example.
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Shopping at Cookies Kids @CookiesKids with #Cbias

We always enjoy shopping at Cookies Kids. You can shop both online and in stores (if you are local to the NYC area) and enjoy great prices, great style, and an easy shopping experience. My son just started Kindergarten, and needless to say- his wardrobe needed some sprucing up.

My little guy has a uniform he needs to wear to school, and Cookies Kids specializes in kids school uniforms. They have tons of colors, styles, and brands available- our favorite is French Toast. He loves his new pants and sweater by French Toast that we got at Cookies Kids- in fact, we bought almost his entire wardrobe for back-to-school at Cookies Kids. Fast and easy online shopping, and we really do prefer French Toast, and all the things we needed at a great price, with free shipping available.

(You can get free shipping too- just use this code- havesippywilltravel)

He also needed a new swim set for our upcoming travels- he really grew this summer, and since we are always on the go- Cookies Kids to the rescue with this adorable set on sale for under $10. You can’t even get the swim shirt for that price most of the time, in most stores. What a Deal!

If you have never shopped with Cookies Kids, you are truly missing out. We are true fans, and recommend the store to anyone and everyone. While many companies promise good service and returns when needed, Cookies has proven it. If you don’t want your item for whatever reason, you can ship it back and get it replaced with no hassles at all. Of course, you can also exchange in stores if you prefer.

While we were there, we were able to try out the new AvaKids app- with an iPad available to use right in the store- that helps you choose the right size and items for your children, even as they grow.

AlvaKids is a service for children’s apparel sizing recommendations. The
app/widget allows users to create an account on the mobile application or through using
the widget on retailers’ websites. Once the account has been created, the user can
make a profile for their children. These profiles hold basic measurement information
as well as some background information about the child. All of this data is used by
the AlvaKids proprietary algorithm to create a personalized sizing recommendation.
Using the account credentials the profiles can be accessed through the mobile
application and the online widget.

– Create kids’ size profiles based on basic body measurements
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Shopping at Home with Spiegel

Who doesn’t love some internet shopping? Today we are going to check out Spiegel specializes in fashion for women, and online shopping made easy. Spiegel started out in 1905, with a catalog which included women’s clothing and furniture. After 20 years of meeting the mail order needs of America, Spiegel began to branch out into European fashion, becoming the first catalog to bring European fashion into American homes.

Since that time, Spiegel has grown to mean work place fashion meets about town fashion, shoes, accessories and all the needs of the everyday woman. Ever changing and evolving to meet the needs of modern women, Spiegel is always a great catalog to browse, especially [Read more…]