Swingy- Ping Pong with your Feet

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We all know that learning to Balance is very important for people at all ages. I must say that I am incredibly impressed with this awesome new game called Swingy.

About Swingy:

SWINGY is the world’s first wireless balance board for playing games on tablets and smartphones. It is redefining screen time by turning digital gaming into a beneficial physical activity. Swingy is handmade of wood and was developed for children aged 4 and up. There are also special Kickstarter designs for the young-at-heart adults who seem to enjoy playing just as much. 🙂


My Thoughts:

This product is absolutely amazing. My girls are both enrolled in dance class, and have really been working on their balance. I feel that they are pretty good for their ages: 3 and 5. I also would say that I feel that I am pretty balanced as well as my husband so it was fun to test out our abilities together as a family. As of now my best score is only 50…I haven’t played a lot because the girls have wanted to play it so much. My oldest has a score of 32 already and the 3 year old is at 26, so they are doing exceptionally well if you ask me 🙂


I think that this is a great product to work on balance for your kids, as well as the fact that it is lots of fun. I can’t wait to see the other games that they come out with as well. I teach and am planning on taking it to school to help a few of the kiddos in my class be encouraged to balance better!


This great game is on KickstartER right now. I can’t wait for it to launch and go on sale because I know of several people that are going to love it. Head on over to KickstartER and help get the ball rolling for swingy. I promise that your family will be addicted.

There also is a special Super Early Bird price. Let me know if you are interested!  I promise that you won’t be disappointed.