5 Ways to Motivate Children to Do Better in School

As a concerned and caring parent, you obviously want your children to do well in school. The progress they achieve in their academic studies now could determine how they fare for the rest of their lives, including the colleges they’re able to attend and the types of jobs they’ll ultimately hold. Of course, most kids are not that forward-thinking. They’d rather play with their friends, play video games, and goof off than do homework or study for tests. So there will be times when you have to make them buckle down and do their work. But really, wouldn’t you rather motivate them so that they take an interest in the prospect of their own future? The answer, of course, is yes, but actually motivating your children is not quite so simple. So here are just a few ways that you might instill in them a desire to do better in school.

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1   Help them with studies. Often, kids can get frustrated, bored, and discouraged when left to manage a mountain of homework on their own. But when you take the time to participate in the process, you not only have the ability to monitor their academic progress, but also to assist them with any problems they may be having and build confidence in their abilities through encouragement and praise. When kids associate academics with positive feelings, they’re going to be a lot more motivated to try hard and succeed in school.
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Wordless Wednesday- Come Link Up!


ToughHound All Sports Dog Collar

Having a pet part of the family there are certain things you must keep in mind, one of them being what happens if they get lost? Animals of course can not speak for themselves, so you as the owner must do the next best thing and keep proper ID for each of your pets, you can find a great one at the dogbark collar store.


We have two Dogs, Baby and Spot. They are medium sized beagles who just love to run around and chase things. The male was a hunter so you can imagine he likes to get out in those woods and get down to nature. The only problem is, he likes to do is so much, he gets away from us too often. We end up going on a longer walk trying to hunt him down! He has been lost once, for a full day, even with a collar on his tag fell off, which left the person who found both dogs wondering who they belonged too. It was not pleasant to go through that, it isn’t fun for anyone at all. Their tags fall off all the time it seems and it’s a fear I have that we will end up not being able to find them for this very reason. This brings me to tell you about a wonderful ID collar that can help in this situation.



I like how tough the collar is, firm buckle stays where you put it!

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Professor Iris- Adorable Kids Video

irisProfessor Iris is a new DVD brought to us from Canada. This show originally aired on TLC between 1992 and 1994. The show is about Professor Iris’s teachings to his students. His students are a plant, a piano, and a skeleton (of course). Each episode covers a specific topic- some of which are Fruit, Vegetables, and Seasons. Each episode is presented in the puppet medium which is fun. This has a definite Muppet feel to it, but a bit more along the lines of Wallace and Gromit, though educationally geared. The series in animated [Read more…]

Space Hero RainBoots by Kidorable

Different clothing styles come and go, but some last for a long time- and some are just super fun. Like a constant reminder of fun and wet days 🙂 The kind of days where running across a muddy field after a rain storm isn’t only the highlight of your day, but mom doesn’t drive you nuts about getting wet and dirty, LOL. Best part of Kidorable boots? No mud of water gets inside them- not without some real effort. Kidorable Space Hero Rain boots are brightly colored and fit perfectly.

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