Relay, A Smartphone Alternative For Children

Relay (Republic Wireless)

What do you do if you have young children who you know aren’t ready for a cell phone (perhaps because you aren’t ready for the inevitable battles about screen time and social media), but you still want to be able to reach them when they’re not with you? Relay may be just what you’re looking for. Relay is essentially a walkie talkie, with a few fun twists. For example, since it works over 4G LTE and Wi-Fi, it has they same (essentially unlimited) range as a cell phone, so friends in different states can communicate with each other. And it has GPS tracking, so if you use the free companion app, you can see where all of your Relays are in real time. Relays also come in a variety of friendly colors and with stickers, so your child can personalize his or her device.
We did have a few issues with Relay. First, they didn’t seem to hold a charge for much more than 4-6 hours. Second, they use a proprietary magnetic charger, which means you’re in real trouble if you lose or misplace yours. That said, we know that Republic Wireless is continually adding features and we’re confident that these issues will be resolved soon.
As you know, we love companies that support their communities, and Relay is doing just that, donating $5 from each of the next 5,000 Relays sold to Common Sense Education, the nation’s leading nonprofit organization dedicated to helping students harness technology for learning and life by providing teachers and schools with free research-based classroom tools. For ages 5 and up. $99 for one, $149 for two, $199 for three, plus about $6.99 per month per device for unlimited use.

The Top Tips For Computer Programming For Beginners

In this article, we will talk about some excellent different tips and tricks to help you sharpen your computer programming skills. The first thing that is essential to beginners who want to excel at programming? Their playing method! What we mean by this is to make sure that you change things around and play with the code you are working with. This will offer you some insight to help you better understand the changes you are making by switching various details around. By simply playing around with a few of the functions, as well as the visual aspects within the code, you will begin to cultivate a better grasp of the creative control that programming offers.

The second thing you should be doing while you are still in the beginner stages of programming is to work hard towards the foundations and fundamentals of programming. What this means is to put forth your best effort toward understanding the core values of programming. This can be the longest step for most individuals due to the fact that they are new to the concepts of programming and have little to no experience with the new material that they are working with. However, when you do this you receive a better long-term education and ability to use the more advanced skills that you build upon. For anyone seriously interested in programming as a career we highly suggest using this tip to its fullest.

The next tip for anyone new to programming is to be coding by hand as well as typing code out on the computer. It has been proven that writing the code out by hand and making changes this way, while still in the learning process, enables you to retain more knowledge of what you are trying to get better at. Another huge advantage of being familiar with hand-coding is that most college exams use this handwritten method to test students. In addition, most of the top companies that conduct interviews with computer programmers will use this way of testing a candidate’s ability to code and work with different computer languages. By practicing this method, you will be doing yourself a huge service, especially if you plan to use your programming skills to fill a position with one of these companies someday.

A great tip to keep in mind is that you should never be afraid to ask for help. This can mean collaborating with another programmer or doing a simple internet search of what you need to learn. Either way you turn to presents itself as a good tool to use if you are unclear on a particular problem that you have encountered. When you seem to be at a standstill a fresh pair of eyes can be exactly what you need, and you will be able to learn a proper or correct way of handling programming that you may not have been aware of previously.

The next tip that we suggest you utilize is to make use of all the online resources that are available to beginner programmers. There is literally a treasure trove of information out there that can help you learn the skills you need to program like a professional. Some of the best platforms to use are forums, instructional Youtube videos, and articles that pertain to the questions you may have or the material you are interested in learning more about. The amount of information you will find from one simple internet search is amazing these days, and it can be a huge asset to you and your work.

One thing that has been proven to further facilitate the learning process as well when it comes to programming is to adjust and change the sample code. Reading this code should always come first, but making some changes of your own can help you to really understand what you are working with. Once you have done this and you have run the code before and after you have made changes you will see a huge difference in seeing what you can do with it.

Next comes the task of debugging, which is usually the longest part of creating a program for most individuals. It is very important to take breaks while debugging. This will ensure that you do not exhaust yourself and render yourself less productive moving forward. It can be very east to begin debugging and spend countless hours attempting this and not being able to fix the issue you set out to fix in the first place. By taking breaks when needed you will retain your productivity as well as keep calm and not let your temper flare while doing this tedious job. Again, do not be afraid to request assistance from other, more advanced programmers so that you can complete debugging correctly when it is needed.

The next topic pertaining to programming for beginners we will discuss is the importance of doing one thing at a time. This is a useful tip for both the person learning as well as the programmer who is creating software already. By doing this you will see more results, no matter which of the two situations you may be in. Trying to do too much at once will not enable you to stay focused as you would like to be.

Another great tip we will share with you is arguably one of the most useful for beginners in computer programming. This tip is to focus your work on something that you are passionate about, as this will help you to focus your efforts on what will not burn you out and aid you in completing projects. You will have more persistence, and you will see a much higher number of successful projects that you work on.

One short but useful tip we will add in is to question everything. This is one of the best ways to ensure that you are being completely thorough on everything that needs attention. This is also very useful to increase your learning time as well as efficiency when it comes to retaining the fundamentals of programming that you need to take away from your lessons.  

Selecting the right computer language to learn is a critical decision for you to make when you are entering the world of computer programming. When you are creating a program, different languages will offer different attributes and various purposes. While some of the simpler computer languages may be less complex and have limited capability the more advanced ones will have more tools for you to use but will be much harder to learn and use proficiently at first. However, with repetition and practice, you will be able to use your chosen languages perfectly in your work.

In conclusion, whether you have been programming for a while now or you are completely new to this creative occupation these tips for programming are designed to help you become better at computer programming. When you use the tips in your work and studying you be able to see more success and have a greater number of tools to place in your arsenal. Soon, you will be able to program like a professional and contain skills that you will never lose. Good luck.

Great Accessory for your Phone #selfiebetter #monetallday

Monet is beauty and function for your phone. The ultimate fashion accessory for the on-the-go minimalist.  It’s a an extension of your hand with its easy slip on grip that provides a secure hold on your phone while taking better selfies. That same grip becomes your kickstand and Monet is a sleek wallet to hold money and cards. It’s currently available in 30 color variations with more colors currently in production.Monet is your 3-in-1 phone grip and the only accessory you need for a busy lifestyle:

  • The Gym
  • Pilates
  • Coffee dates
  • Meeting for brunch
  • Quick shopping trips and more….

Celebrity Influencer Jake Paul introduced Monet at the Consumer Electronics Show in January with much fanfare. Additionally, many other celebrities including Scott Disick, Stephanie Shepherd and The Selfie Kid are putting Monets on their phones to help them #selfiebetter.

Where to buy,,  Walmart -coming this Fall and other retailers

Retail Cost


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Introducing Monet: Beauty and Function for Your Phone The Perfect Phone Accessory #selfiebetter #monetallday @monet_brand

Monet is beauty and function for your phone. The ultimate fashion accessory for the on-the-go minimalist.  It’s an extension of your hand with its easy slip on grip that provides a secure hold on your phone while taking better selfies. That same grip becomes your kickstand and Monet is a sleek wallet to hold money and cards. It’s currently available in 30 color variations with more colors currently in production. Monet is your 3-in-1 phone grip and the only accessory you need for a busy lifestyle:

cell phone strap

  • The Gym
  • Pilates
  • Coffee dates
  • Meeting for brunch
  • Dinner Dates
  • Night Clubs
  • Traveling
  • Quick shopping trips and more….

Celebrity Influencer Jake Paul introduced Monet at the Consumer Electronics Show in January with much fanfare. Additionally, many other celebrities including Scott Disick, Stephanie Shepherd and The Selfie Kid with Justin Timberlake are putting Monet’s on their phones to help them #selfiebetter! Available at and, with other retailers hitting this Fall! SRP $19.99


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About Quest Basics

Quest Basics Corp was founded in 2013 to deliver creative design and hiqh-quality sourced products at affordable prices. Their first launch was IJOY launched at CES 2014 with incredible response leading to the company tripling sales by year’s end. The company continued to expand and in 2017, they launched SpinPop, a unique and patented phone holder mechanism. Monet is their next launch in the phone holder space. Quest Basics is based in Brooklyn, NY.

Mynt – Smart Tracker and Bluetooth Remote Control


What is it?

Mynt is a compact (2.5cm wide) Bluetooth device that can be used as a smart tracker for objects, or when paired with a smartphone, used for a variety of remote control actions.

How can it help me?

A Mynt Bluetooth device can be attached to your keys, wallet, purse or bag. You can download a free app to your Smartphone and connect it to your Mynt device(s) to turn it into a smart tracker.

When you activate the device within the app, your Mynt chirps so that you can find it.

A Mynt device has a range of around 150 ft. If you lose an item outside this range, the Mynt app shows you the GPS coordinates of the place the device was seen. So if you leave your rucksack in the pub, Mynt will tell you this.

If you report an item lost within the Mynt app, then the Mynt community springs into action. Each smartphone with Mynt installed can detect a Mynt smart tracker device nearby. So the more Mynt users using the app, the more Mynt smart tracker devices will be detected by the network.

[tweet_box design=”default”]Mynt is a smart tracker that will help you find lost objects like keys, wallet or Smartphone[/tweet_box]

You can also use the Mynt device to find your Smartphone. Each Mynt device has a button that, when pressed, can help you find your paired Smartphone.

You can also programme your Mynt device to remote control your Smartphone. You can use Mynt as:-

  • a presentation pointer, advancing slides in Powerpoint
  • activate your camera shutter to take a remote control picture
  • control your music player

… and lots of other actions that are supported by a Bluetooth remote control.

The battery life of a Mynt device is 6-months, and unlike many trackers, the battery is replaceable.

How much does it cost?

A Mynt device costs £18.99 from Amazon UK, and $19.99 from Mynt in the USA.

How can I get it?

Buy a Mynt device from Amazon UK or Mynt USA, and then download the Mynt app for iOS devices, Android devices or Apple Mac OS X.

You can also follow Mynt creators @Slightech on Twitter or visit the Slightech Facebook page.

MYNT Tracker is available on Amazon US

This was a guest post from Richard Tubb and posted with permission.

Six Upgrades You Might Need Right Now

Technology advances as fast as bullet trains.  You purchase a new device today, only to give a celebratory welcome to another gadget in a span of months.

From gaming consoles, signal boosters, wallpaper TVs, to talking laptop assistants, you just might feel the need to equip almost any gadget or techno toy in your backpack. This list narrows down just the must-haves to help you alleviate the electronic clutter, not to mention money flusher items.

Phone and computer storage

Cellphones have an of average 128 to 126 MB for memory and 128 for RAM, while computers are equipped with 160GB of hard drive and 1 GB of RAM. According to Lifehacker, almost forty-five percent of users responded to requiring more than 1 TB for their data. Not ready to let go of those Euro trip photos yet? Definitely you can’t bring yourself to uninstall the latest apps for service or gaming. Maybe it’s to upgrade that memory pack.

Wireless charging pad

Resembling an intelligent saucer, a wireless charging pad is a sleek, convenient powerhouse for the Android and iPhone. It comes with a micro USB, USB adapter and wall charger with every purchased item. Take it anywheresoft, light and easy at optimal charging speed, it even prevents your phone from slipping while on charge.

Smartphone case

Take a good look at your phone. Do you have a long-standing casing for its preventive wear and tear? Plain plastic is just no good nowadays, especially not for the environment. The best phone cases are leather and more recently, plasma and composite. Durable iPhone cases have especially well-designed armor for their phones to withstand hard falls and accidental slips.

Signal booster

Face it, the internet while fast is not flawless just yet. Dropped calls and disconnected data in poor signal coverage areas are untimely for important calls and meeting when making business transactions. Great how the presence of signal boosters provide a fast-track for these hiccup situations. Wilson cell phone booster is recommended by contented mobile users. Time to get a pick-me-up for up to a couple thousand square feet.


3-in-1 USB port

Especially useful if you own a couple of devices that don’t have similar cable heads, a 3-in-1 USB port works well to charge a tablet, laptop, phone or other devices on anywhere with an outlet. This technology has an internal circuit that prevents overheating and overcharging. Most ports are lightweight, and they  sync and charge quickly.


Noise-canceling headphones

Noise-canceling headphones are state-of-the-art mechanisms designed to diminish unwanted sounds from a semi-noisy to louder environment. Unique from standard headphones, these ensure maximum ear cushion, longer battery life, and are Bluetooth capable. Sennheiser and Bose are well-praised brands. The best kinds ensure less audio infiltration.



With the constant introductions of newly-invented contraptions in this tech-ruled world, consumers can often feel pressured to stay in tune with the latest models.

In order to separate the essentials from the lesser necessity, best to ask yourself if you really need this gadget or if it’s just a feast on the eyes. Always have a thorough review of the specifications prior to buying any device or you may end up regretting spending your hard earned money. Still, technology is a fantastic aid to our modern day and age. Until the next release of your favorite gadget then.

Tech To Bring Music to Your Ears and Light Up Your Life

As we spend more time outdoors, we look for ways to bring some creature comforts with us.  Check out some of the gear that makes outside a little more modern.

Do you love a good run? Maybe hike, kayak, or even just some time in the gym. Finding good earphones that can deal with sweat is not always the easiest task, but most of us like to bring music (or some form of audio) with us for our workouts. The new PaMu TWS wireless earphones are easy to wear, truly have no wires (really, Pinocchio) until you have to charge them, of course, and are sweat-proof and water resistant. They have some must have features, including Hi-Fi Sound, Auto-connects,Touch Control, Auto Pairing that lets you make calls and listen to music while your phone is in your pocket (or beyond), an In-Ear Mic, they come with a portable Charging Pod that neatly fits your buds and doubles as a travel case, and more. They are reasonably comfortable for ear buds. To me, while wearing them, they reminded me of a Dr. Who episode of Cybermen- that’s how it all started. Giant ear buds, then you become a Robot working for your new alien overlords. Ah, maybe not- but it makes me laugh. You can grab yours before they even hit shelves on indiegogo.

Always on the go?  AdventureJumpStart is a great option for those of us who are constantly on the move- it can not only recharge your tablets and smartphones, but it also has the ability to jump start most cars, trucks, boats and ATVS. Really. And? It’s small. Best. Gift. Ever.

It comes with everything you need- the charger, recharge cable, Detachable Jumper Cables, and Quick Start Guide. It has the smallest and lightest powerbank with the highest lever of safety, as well as keeping it’s battery life from one charge up to one full year if not used. It also charges incredibly quickly, which we all know is a huge plus. That’s pretty amazing stuff right there- great for people to have on hand for a roadside emergency.  This is one you will want to have for innumerable reasons. Pick yours up for $100 at

If you need a smaller charger, one for your pocket, there is always the Flip 30 RechargerThis mini charger is about the size of a pack of gum, but can charge your phone up to three times per full charge of it’s own (or a tablet once) making it an easy way to keep your electronics ready to go while you are on the go.  It fits easily in most purses or pockets. Several color options are available, this rechargers costs $49.95 at .

Like to camp? Or maybe you just hate being caught in the dark. The Lighthouse Micro Flash is perfect to keep in the car, a drawer, or in your purse for emergencies. No need for batteries, it is rechargable by USB and has a dimmable lantern as well as a built-in 120-lumen flashlight. If on it’s lowest setting, it can run for up to 170 hours. It is tiny, about the size of a finger, and weighs just over 2 ounces but is not light on power. Get yours for $24.99 at .

Weekend Wandering: 3 Ways You Can Have Fun with a Drone Over the Weekend

Drones are skyrocketing in popularity as one of coolest technological toys available. There is increasing variety in sizes, types and features, reaching an even larger market. Dronenthusiast is one great resource with extensive information about selecting and operating your ideal drone.

Once you’ve awed at its functionality, you may wonder what else to do with your new gadget. People have made use of these impressive little flyers in all sorts of applications, from work to pleasure. Here are three fun ideas you can try over the weekend.

Create a Video Montage


This can really unleash your creative side. You have probably seen some of the amazing footage that is already being captured with these wonderful devices. It’s time to add your personal touch. You can get some great drone video with or without much planning. If you want to embark on a more elaborate project, draw up a storyboard and orchestrate specific shots with a truly unique point of view. If you want to save great memories in a new and entertaining format, bring your drone to the weekend get together or sports match. Ask people to get involved, recording their own messages as the drone flies by to make it more interactive and personal. Drone videography is a developing art and there are plenty of useful tips available online to help you master your technique.

Birdwatching and Wildlife Viewing


This is a great weekend activity for nature lovers with drones. Anyone who enjoys hiking, birdwatching and wildlife knows that it is very difficult to even catch a glimpse of most animals before they are alerted to your presence. The stealthy drone doesn’t draw too much attention, making it a perfect tool for peeking in on rarely seen animal behavior. You can travel to your favorite nature area and launch your drone to survey the surrounding woods. The height affords amazing views of the landscape and the treetops, along with a wonderful new perspective on birds in their most natural environment. You may even come across hard-to-spot animals who would have otherwise fled at the sound of your footsteps. Add your incredible shots to the growing number of Internet-famous drone wildlife footage taken by hobbyists just like yourself.

Play Games


Imagination is really the only limit to the games you can play with drones. You can arrange any number of competitive or noncompetitive activities for all ages. Consider launching drone races to see who can outrun or outmaneuver the sprightly flying machine. You may want to add some attachments or assemble your own to practice delivering different objects with your drone, perhaps turning this into a high tech version of the infamous Claw arcade game. Incorporate the drone’s camera to stage a treasure hunt with a twist, using clues and video feed from your drone to seek out hidden items. The possibilities are endless.

Drones are fascinating, fun, and versatile. You can find a place for drones in any of your most-loved weekend adventures. Gather with your friends and family to brainstorm the next big thing in creative ideas for your drone.