Shopping Cart / HighChair Cover from Balboa Review & Giveaway



I am most definitely the crazy lady that you see in the store disinfecting my cart all over, so my kids and myself stay healthy. I could not be more impressed with the Balboa Baby Shopping Cart Cover. Don’t get me wrong, I still disinfect my cart, but it is a lot quicker of a process, as I can just do a quick once over now 🙂

About the Balboa Baby Shopping Cart Cover:

  • Machine-Washable
  • Provides a germ free zone completely around your child
  • 4 easy to attach elastic corners
  • Toy Loops to attach childrens’ toys
  • Comfortable & Secure Safety Strap for your child
  • Folds into an attached bag that you can easily take along with you
  • Fits most Restaurant High Chairs

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Balboa Shopping Cart Cover

My Thoughts:

I have been very impressed my new shopping cart cover. The self enclosed bag is wonderful [Read more…]