New Hot Toy – Dora Rocks! Available at @Target from @NickelodeonPR

Nickelodeon recently launched Dora Rocks!, an exclusive apparel, toy and specialty goods line inspired by the TV special which premiered in January. You can get these new dolls, toys, games, DVD, CD, apparel, backpacks, shoes, and more exclusively at Target stores nationwide and
The Emmy award-winning “Dora the Explorer” reaches 12.4 million preschool-aged children and is part of the Nick Jr line up of shows, featuring Spanish language learning, sharing, cooperation, and social skills lessons for children.
dora rocks doll
Some of the new products in the line include:
  • Exclusive apparel and accessories including t-shirts, back-packs, shoes and more;
  • A DVD package, distributed by Paramount Home Entertainment, [Read more…]

Top Interactive Gifts for Kids

The holidays are fast approaching, and for the discerning tot on your list, it can be hard to know what to give that will brighten their day- and will be played with long after the decorations have been put away. These are some of the top interactive toys for the toddler group that will keep kids entertained and let mom and dad have fun, too.

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This new addition to the Furreal Friends line from Hasbro is the most animated and responsive yet, responding to the touch, eating her “food”, whinnying and batting her eyes. She has soft, pose-able legs, and will respond to cuddles and nuzzles in kind, as well as to being brushed or fed her carrot (both included). She moves her ears, and will respond to your child’s talking to her by whinnying back. When she is fed her carrot, she makes happy crunching sounds and “chews” on her snack. Baby Butterscotch will give children the experience of owning a virtually real, animated pony- even snoring as she goes to sleep after a long day of play.

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Hallmark Interactive Story Buddies

Bigsby, the shy monster, likes to go on big adventures and learn new things with his friends. He is interactive with both his books and iPod/iPad apps, chiming in when he hears key phrases. Bigsby comes with the first in his series of Interactive Storybooks, Bigsby’s Best Friend, and has 3 stories available currently. Bigsby also learns social skills, such as friendship, in his books. The app and other interactive and fun features are included for free with purchase of Bigsby. For the holidays, you may consider Jingle and Belle, Husky Puppies decked out for the season. Belle has style and flair and wants to be herself, while Jingle just wants a home and to be loved. They each have their own story books, as well as the combined Jingle and Belle’s Christmas Star, which they both respond to.

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Super Grover by Playskool

The Sesame Street Flying Super [Read more…]

Furby and K-Mart’s Fab 15

There is a new toy in town, one that looks very familiar to many of us. The Furby, but the newest generation of Furby is more interactive, more digital, and talks quite a bit more. Furby is the original robotic pet, first introduced to us in 1998 and was immediately the must have toy of the holiday season. Furbies were in play rooms, living rooms, and even offices. I personally have 2, the one on the right and a white one that is currently lost in Little’s room. They were to so prevalent in offices that the NSA forbid them from being brought into their own offices for fears of it recording and learning national secrets. This is not really a valid concern as Furby’s do no record anything, but it’s funny! Ah, government….

The early generation Furby’s learned, talked and interacted with the person playing with it. They are learning based directly on the level of interaction and time spent with the Furby. The newest generation of Furbies work in a similar manner, but updated and with newer tech and more attitude. The tech includes an app to feed and play with your Furby, brand new LCD screen eyes which give you a peak into the Furby’s thoughts with a ton of emotion and meaning behind each pixel. These eyes are (to daddy) a welcome change to the original Furby which had big realistic eyes that kind of freaked him out a bit.The newest additions include more emotions and a more attitude driven play experience. Instead of simple action -reaction play there is action-emotion driven reaction. What this means is, if your Furby doesn’t like music and you play music for her, she will become aggravated and be mad at you. If you continue being inattentive to Furby’s needs, the Furby will get angrier. It is amazing how much this little fluffy ball of circuits, [Read more…]