Spring Break in the Catskills

The Fisk House, a lovely Bed and Breakfast in the Catskills, would be the perfect place to stay for a large family, a family reunion, or a bridal party.  There are 5 individual rooms, one of which has it’s own bathroom, and 2 large bathrooms upstairs as well as another downstairs.  Breakfast is served daily in the large dining area, and there is a fully functional kitchen for your use the rest of the day.


In addition to it’s spacious kitchen, dining area, and living room, there is plenty of space to spread out. The furnishings are cozy with mix of country chic and a rustic feel to it.  There is an outdoor swimming area and porch as well, which during warmer weather can be taken advantage of. Directly across the street is an antiques barn, where you can peruse and shop at your leisure.



After eating breakfast, we headed out to Platkill Mountian for last winter’s hurrah. It was supposed to be Springtime, but as anyone in the Northeast can tell you, Spring too it’s sweet time to arrive to the area this yea. Located in Western upstate NY, you can easily spend the day (or several) on the many trails of Platkill.  You can choose from skiing, snowboarding, snowtubing and snowshoeing on the mountain.  Group or individual lessons are also offered.


Not having our own equipment, we rented skis, boots, and helmets on site. After being properly fitted for our sizes, my son and I headed out for our ski lesson. We had only skied one other time, so we thought it would be a good idea. The ski instructor had his hands full with us, since my son decided he was all of the sudden scared of skiing. He wanted to (quite literally) hold my hand the whole time, and he cried quite a bit. Being 7 isn’t all it’s cracked up to be all the time. This was interesting, because I was feeling less nervous about the process- I guess we evened each other out.
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The Winter Clove Family Resort in the Catskills

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Winter is a great time to visit the Catskills in upstate NY. With the wide variety of winter sports and activities to do in the area, head East, young man (or woman) when next the weather looks stormy. What a great place to get stranded during a blizzard!

When we last visited, it was less then a winter wonderland. In fact, it was downright balmy at 50 degrees. While that made for a nice day outside- no chapped cheeks or frozen noses and toes to speak of- it did take the wind out of some of the typically snowy activities.


There was still plenty to do, even if Mother Nature wasn’t cooperating. The resort we stayed at, The Winter Clove Family Resort, has a great location for family fun and activity in the area. It’s local to several mountains, horseback riding, and the Baliwick ranch.

The resort itself has quite a bit to occupy you and your family- it is also a great place to unwind and relax, spend some time reconnecting. We are all so busy, running this way and that, it’s nice to spend some time as a unit now and again. In addition to it’s activities, pools (both indoor and out) and bowling ally and game room, there is a grand room for spending time together, relaxing by the fireplace. Read, do a puzzle, check out a newspaper, play some board games- the lodge has lots of options to suite just about everyone. There are also sitting room areas on each floor, if you would like to watch TV or a movie.
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