VTech Switch and Go Dinos @vtechtoys

Want to see a cool new toy that is both a dinosaur and a vehicle? It is way cooler then you are thinking- even if what you are thinking is very cool.

Take a look at these nifty new VTech Switch & Go Dinos. Each dinosaur can be changed from a dinosaur that roars and gives Dino-facts into a driver/pilot in a vehicle saying cool driver things like “Saddle Up, Partner!” There are at a minimum 10 phrases per Dinosaur for the starter Dino’s, and at the high end, 40 for Brok, the biggest of the crew.

These Dino’s are big. Brock is the largest, and he is very pliable for a transforming toy that is still transformable for little hands. This is a big deal, because as transforming toys go- the bigger they are, in general- the more complex the transformation often times is, frustrating little ones and leaving them with either broken toys or a lack of interest. It is very nice to see a big Dino transforming into a truck in 7 easy steps. Going from Dino roaring, into truck revving, in a matter of minutes. Little Man had a blast changing back and forth, and after a few times watching daddy change it, he was able to all by himself.

Each Dino comes with an accessory- some bigger then others, depending on the Dino in question. Aan example is the big Brachiosaurus [Read more…]