Week 3 of Nutrisystem #NSNation

This might be my third “official” week on Nutrisystem, but it’s really my first.  I sort-of did it my first week- being away for all of it made it hard, and the second week I was on a cruise with no food allowed to be taken on the ship, so.  The first week I did lose a pound, the second week I don’t count for anything, but this week?  I gave it my full attention.

Cruise and products 387

I made a few mistakes, like with the shakes (I thought you drank one a day, but with the “Lose 5 Fast” system, they want you to do two a day- oops!) but figured this out by calling my Nutrisystem counselor and asking a whole lot of questions. But all in all it was a success- I am down 6 pounds this week, and I am really excited about that.


As far as diet food goes, I really thought the food was going to be terrible.  But it’s not- honestly.  I’ve had a pretty good variety by now, and none of it has been bad. Most of you have been reading me long enough to know I say it like it is, and it’s fine.  Will you still miss all the food that made you fat?  Yes, of course!  Ha.  But this is good- it’s not something I dread having to eat.  The shakes are not chalky, and the food (even the shelf stable stuff) is pretty good.  I like the shelf stable because it’s portable, and the frozen because it adds a nice variety to the foods offered (and so far the frozen has been a little better then the shelf stable most of the time, taste wise- but it’s still fine either way).
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