Apple Crisp

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I love baking 🙂
It is one of my favorite things to do.
Concord Foods sent me this box of Apple Crisp to try out. I actually had never tried it before!

We were going to the local farmers market anyway (we go on weekends- you know how I feel about organic foods and local produce!) so we bought some great, farm-fresh apples to go into our Apple Crisp.

As you can see- Little Man is “helping” pick out produce, lol…
The Apple Crisp was SUPER EASY to make. All you needed was the Apple Crisp mix, butter, (mmmm, butter) and 6-8 fresh apples. You just mix the apples and butter together and sprinkle the Apple Crisp on top! Little Man helped- Kamikaze was at her friend’s house. That is how easy it was. And it was ready in just 25 minutes!

Here is Daddy and Little getting ready for the “eating” portion of the evening- no doubt everyone’s favorite part! I had tried to take a picture BEFORE they got into it- but you can see how well that worked out!!!
The amazing smell that filled the house was truly ambrosial. It smelled like Christmas morning, or that wintry escape in the mountains snuggled by the fireplace that you always picture in your mind, lol. I wish I could have bottled that aroma!
Now onto the flavor….I really didn’t think anything so good could come out of a box. OK, I admit it. I can be a food snob. I like to cook from scratch, and so does the hubs, who is an impressive cook. We do use some ready-made foods, but usually in conjunction with fresh food.
This was really very good. I think it also would have been good with vanilla ice cream- but what isn’t? 🙂 Or maybe some whipped cream. Things to try later…..Hmmm……

Thanks, Concord Foods!
They also sent us an array of other goodies to try out- so you can be sure that you will be seeing other reviews as we experiment! How fun!
Oh, and don’t worry- Kamikaze, upon arrival, immediately smelled the Apple Crisp, and ate her weight in the dessert. Haha, we should have made more!


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  2. what a yummy treat..

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    I’m keeping my eyes closed so I don’t get tempted by the yummy dessert!


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  8. I love farmer’s markets and incorporating more organic in my life style…I’m thinking…we may be related! LOL
    Sound yummy.

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