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Hey, it’s me! I’m back again and ready to tell you about a game I recently checked out. (Just to explain to new readers, this is Samantha’s husband, doing some reviews for the guys out there, or for things your husbands or older kids may like.)
Today I will be reviewing Darksiders for the Playstation 3.

The cover of Darksiders has a rather menacing individual riding a huge horse and looking quite frightening, Not a game to play with the kids this time. Sorry.

Upon first playing this game it is quite evident the creators have ‘borrowed’ concepts from other games. It has game play much like “God of War”, puzzles and dungeons of the “Zelda” flavor, even some new concepts- Portal gauntlets, “Bionic Commando”, grappling arm of “Bionic Commando”. It can be argued that all games are based on other games’ concepts so we will forgive this borrowing. Why you ask? Well, because the developers took all these great concepts put them in a blender with some kicking art direction by Joe Madureira. What came out was a wonderful game that was a pleasure to play. It keeps game play fresh and exciting while not confusing the player.

The action is memorable, as is the lead character, especially his voice and attitude. He is a horseman of the apocalypse and that is how it feels to control him. Large, powerful, and punishing. Even while fighting impossibly huge demons!
Combat is interesting and if you aren’t careful, you can be taken out by the weakest of characters. Combo’s play a large role as do blocking and swapping out weapons based on setting and enemy being fought. I personally loved fighting the knights on horseback while on horseback myself. Great fun indeed.

positives —

-lots of familiar concepts

-art direction is cool

-it was nice to play a main character who was actually a good guy, even though he is “War”

-puzzles were difficult enough to make me scratch my head but not enough to make me put the controller down 🙂

negatives —

-I got lost… a lot…. I can only play in half hour one hour max increments per day, often times 3 days a week. When I would come back to the game I would spend about a half hour trying to figure out where I am supposed to go and how to progress past stuff I have already done. A little arrow or a blue dot on the radar would have been nice.

-some battles were tough, very tough. You have to pay attention and be very smart about your fights. Vary attacks/ combos/ special moves or the smallest of enemies will smite you, lol.

-unoriginal game play. lots of re-hashed concepts, done well but still re-hashed.

Overall 4/5 stars losing one star for being unoriginal and the getting lost

I would pick this up for any gamer. Chances are they never played it, and will enjoy it. PLUS its pretty cheap right now too.

(Disclosure- this is not a paid review, sponsored post, and no compensation was received in any kind. I published a version of this post to Blogcritics recently.)


  1. So glad you shared the “getting lost” part. Knowing it’s rough to navigate really helps game planning – and makes us all feel better about ourselves. Unoriginal is ok because there’s a lot of the same, but if that’s the game’s only downfall, it really isn’t bad at all. Thanks for the share.

  2. I think my brother might like this game!

  3. Thanks for the honest and well thought out review! It sounds like a complicated game but one my son would surely love~!

  4. Sounds like an awesome game actually. I’m not much of a regular gamer but I do like to play every once in awhile. Totally wishing I had a PS3 right now!


  5. Sounds one my nephew would like, thanks for sharing.

  6. This looks like a fun one here and similar to God of War, I need to show the hubby this one.

  7. My son would like that I think

  8. It sounds too violent for little kids, but great fun for the older ones, and the “BIG KIDS” that don’t like to grow up, hehehe

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