The Royal Wedding – William & Catherine (available on DVD)

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Can you ever get enough?  for me- I know I can’t! 
As a history buff, I just can’t get enough Will and Kate, and I am so thrilled to see that the BBC has produced and made available this fabulous DVD, The Royal Wedding – William & Catherine, available as of 5/24.   I was so, so excited to see it, and I totally DVRed the whole thing, from start to finish, since I was going to be working that day.  But what what a fabulous memento, a keepsake forever for the wedding of the century!
I was so excited to see it, and I have to say that when I finally did, I did cry, they looked so happy.  I hate when I do things like that, LOL.  (BAH, acting like such a hot mess!)
Did you see that they went into the back of the cathedral, to sign their names into the marriage log book?  Where all the other kings and queens had signed their names?  AHHHH, can you imagine?!!  That’s wild- I just want to see it!  Forever- your name in history. 
There is also a great pre-wedding glimpse into their lives, into their engagement and dating, which we as Americans may not know much about.  It lets us get to know a bit about Kate who becomes Catherine, and reminds us of Prince William’s life. (Kate and I have the same birthday- fun fact- same date, exactly, lol.
Of course, I don’t wear a size 2 or marry a crowned price, but hey- I will take what I can get, haha.)

“Join HRH Prince William and Catherine Middleton at Westminster Abbey as they celebrate the momentous occasion of their marriage. Relive and treasure their special day with this souvenir DVD, containing two hours of coverage from the BBC.
This wonderful keepsake will capture all the pomp and pageantry of the historic occasion like no other memento. The DVD will include the complete ceremony plus highlights from the official BBC pre- and post-wedding coverage, and the bonus program, “William and Kate: A Royal Engagement,” presenting the story of William and Kate’s relationship via interviews with colleagues, friends and family. Lovers of the crown will want to own this special, commemorative DVD of this most delightful of events, the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton.”
You can buy this fab DVD for the  AMAZING price of $7.98.  WHAT?  Really- that’s a total bargain.  Check it out, this is a fabulous buy that you will treasure for years to come.  Forever! 
Happy History!  🙂



  1. I bet this will become a collectors item! Great price too!

  2. I recorded everything Royal that week, loved it! what a great price for the DVD

  3. Looks like a great DVD! Personally, I have seen it once and don’t really need to see it again so I would not purchase it on DVD. But it’s great that they stepped up to the plate and made it into a permanent viewing option!

  4. It’s cool they are offering it on DVD for those of us too sleepy to watch it (and at a great price too)!

  5. Like Darcy I got wore out with the pre wedding coverage but they seem like a nice couple. I would like to see the log where all the kings and queens signed their names and this is a great price.

  6. Oh that is a great price, great piece of history to have too:) Love a good real life fairytale.

  7. Personally I got wore out with all the coverage, but its nice they are offering a DVD at a great price!

  8. I loved all the coverage, as well

  9. They seem like a nice couple and I hope they do well in life.

  10. Wow- this is a great price for it! I am asking for it for my (JUNE) birthday! 🙂

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