Springfloat from Swimways Review and Giveaway

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It is way too hot, and has been for too long. Pretty much every part of the countryhas felt the heat this summer. Crops drying up in the mid west, streets melting in the south, people melting in the north east. Fires in the southwest. Its been a warm summer to say the least. The best way to beat the heat?

Water, and lots of it. Pools, oceans, lakes, ponds, puddles. Anything you can dip into and cool down with. 😛

This will only last so long, until its time to doze off. So why not get a pool toy to lounge in? Check out the Spring Float. These are the nifty floats made by SwimWays, they fold up small and bounce up to fully useable in no time. There is a small inflatable portion of the floats, but they are easy to fill. They also come in different sizes and types, from sun seats to canopies for the little ones. The Spingfloats are all great fun.

Little Man used one as a baby, and they have adult sizes and even one for doggies! Swimways recently launched a new website, specifically created to aid in the development of children’s swimming. Check out the resources, which include tip sheets and facts from TeachMetoSwim.com if you are teaching your little ones to swim, like I am this summer 🙂

Swimways has coupon available for $2 off the purchase of any two Swimways products. https://www.swimways.com/Documents/sw_coupon.pdf So you can start saving right away.

One of you can win a Swimways Springfloat- here is how to enter!
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  1. I’d love to have the Captiva Lounge: http://www.swimways.com/captiva-lounge-p-71.aspx

  2. jeanne conner says
  3. ivy arrington says
  4. kelley roach says

    spring float americana

  5. I like the Spring Float with Canopy


  6. christine jessamine says

    i like the Spring Float Americana

  7. I like the baby tug boat!

  8. I love these chairs, so awesome

  9. I like the spring float sun seat

  10. Patricia Williams says
  11. I love the http://www.swimways.com/spring-float-with-canopy-p-66.aspx
    Connie Gruning
    CGruning at aol(dot)com

  12. Michele L. says
  13. Kimberly Schotz says

    I like the Spring Float Recliner with Canopy
    [email protected]

  14. Elizabeth Groves says

    http://www.swimways.com/spring-float-papasan-p-65.aspx This is the one I have wanted all summer!

  15. ivy arrington says
  16. ivy arrington says

    I like the Elluna Lounge

  17. I like the Spring Float Recliner

  18. Melissa P. says

    I really like the Poolside Volleyball http://www.swimways.com/poolside-volleyball-p-23.aspx

  19. Jill A. Collins says
  20. Janet W. says

    One of my favorites is the Disney Cars Sun Canopy Baby Float…


  21. I want this for my baby -http://www.swimways.com/baby-spring-float-activity-center-with-canopy-p-29.aspx

  22. Sandy VanHoey says

    I love the baby tug boat…too cute

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