Top 5 Travel Tips for Large Families

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Vacations are meant to be relaxing, but this is not always a reality with a large family
in tow. The entire process can be stressful, from finding spacious accommodations
within your budget to planning activities to satisfy everyone. Follow these simple tips to
avoid the headaches and actually enjoy your vacation.

  1. Plan ahead–Over the years you have packed hundreds of lunches, each one
    specific to each child’s request. You have shuffled the kids to and from school, soccer
    practice and Boy Scouts without skipping a beat, so you probably do not need to be
    told to plan ahead for your family vacation. Regardless, it is crucial to start the process
    months in advance. This way you can ensure your family stays in adjoining hotel rooms.
    Now is your opportunity to negotiate the price, asking for a discount on a second room or
    renting a cot.
  2. Make friends–Once you have used your savvy bartering skills to book an
    affordable hotel stay, make alliances with the staff on your arrival. Tip generously
    and smother them with kindness. Strike up conversation and try to make a personal
    connection with the concierge. This will make a positive first impression, and they might
    be more likely to give you complimentary toiletries, coffee packets or coupons. The staff

    will also be more understanding if the kids misbehave.
  3. Hotel alternatives–Why stay in a hotel when you could rent a home for the same
    price or less? Some people lease out their homes while they are out of town. In many
    cases, it is one of many of their homes. You might start to fantasize about your own
    summer getaway, but snap back to reality and fire up the Internet. With a little research
    and patience, you can score a great deal. Try asking around at work to see if anyone
    has or could refer you to one of these properties. Renting a house for your vacation
    provides your family with room to spread out and not feel disconnected from the normal
    routine, reducing the chance of squabbles.
  4. Pack smart–If your family is setting out on a road trip, try a new method of
    packing. Instead of each person having his or her own suitcase, pack what the entire
    family needs for a day or two in one bag. Label each one so you can keep track of
    the days. If you are staying in different locations each night, this method will eliminate
    having to lug every suitcase in each time. If you are considering airport
    transportation, pack in matching luggage that will stand out on the conveyer belt.
    Avoid someone else leaving with your bag by not using the common black roller bag and
    affixing nametags and a colorful ribbon to the handle.
  5. Fun for everyone–This is a family vacation, so shouldn’t everyone contribute
    to making it a success? Designate different days where each child is responsible for
    choosing the activities and restaurants. You will not have to break up fights since
    everyone gets a turn. Of course, there will be logistical and budget parameters, but it will
    still make each child feel special for a day.


  1. Great Post. All these tips are really great and It’ll help a lot to all those who are planning a family holiday. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I need these tips 😉 Thanks for sharing

  3. Great tips. We’re headed to the beach next week so those are some that I’m really going to have to keep in mind. I especially like the one about getting acquainted with the staff.

  4. lol, traveling with 3 of us is difficult! Can’t imagine more. 😉

  5. just traveling with the 4 of us is hard…I cant imagine having any more than that along!

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