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What business do I have talking about menopause? Too young, you think? Well, maybe- but lucky me- I get to go through a fantastic menopausal journey, courtesy of medically induced hormone treatment. (And NO, I am not trying to get pregnant, please!)

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Are you now super jealous? Try not to be- one day, we all get to go through it, LOL. As for me- I get to do it twice! Once now, and once when I am actually supposed to- YAY ME! Hmmm….well…maybe not, but hey, what can you do, right? You can try the new Poise products to combat the side affects of menopause, take off the edge- at least feel less gross and melt-y, LOL. (Is it hot in here???)

Check out the new Poise Feminine Wellness products, which cover everything from personal hygiene to “intimate” matters. Mom may have talked with you about where babies come from- but did she ever tell you about hot flashes, night sweats, and wild mood swings? No? Well, then ladies, you need to ask!

If you have not had a period for at least 12 months, that is one way of knowing that you are in “the change”. But that’s not all- all those pretty side effects are usually a hefty tip-off. Menopause usually begins around the age of 45-55, but it all depends on your family and personal medical history.

My aunt has been dealing with menopause issues for as long as I can remember- she is always, ALWAYS hot- even walking around in the winter in t-shirts, shorts, and flip flops. The first time I had a hot flash, I felt like someone had “lit me” from the inside- it was sudden, unexpected, and I felt both insane and disgusting. (I sweat…..a lot…and felt really frantic- I had no idea what was happening!) All I wanted to do was peel my clothes off and jump into a freezer. When it passed, I immediately had a whole new respect for my aunt. That. Sucked. No nice way of putting that!

It is about time people started talking about this- there is no shame in being female, and going through what we all do. These new Poise products are both glycerin and paraben free, as well as ph balanced. Please feel free to check out my shopping trip, spa day, and Google + story HERE. Please remember that as these are new products, availability will vary, so call ahead. Or ask for them!

My grandmother and I visited a local spa, where we relaxed, and got away from all things menopausal for a while, haha. She and I had talked about her experience with menopause ( a “2nd talk”) when I started to experience it. My aunt also had some advice- but she has found nothing that helps her. I bought doubles of the Poise products I found, and gave them to her to try out. I will let you know what she thinks after she tries them.

The spa was a great way to spend the day with a woman much wiser then I. She always has the best things to tell me, and has never led me wrong. My grandma is one of the only people I trust when it comes to important advice, and spending the day relaxing with her was a lot of fun.

Make sure you give Wal-Mart Poise Fab Five website a look, and get your $1.00 off printable coupon. If you are a fan of Pinterest, there is the Poise on Pinterest where you can see how other women are sharing their 2nd talk and personal stories in photos. You can also follow Poise on Twitter.

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  1. Cheers to embracing all things female!

  2. Thank you for sharing your unique story! Women just assume things about menopause and your story is clearly something people should be aware of.

  3. Yep. I need a trip to the spa! Glad these products are coming out before I hit menopause!

  4. I could really use a trip to the spa. I recently had some girlfriends over for a menopause party and it was a blast. These new products from Poise are really great!

  5. very interesting. I will def. bench mark this for my friends going through this

  6. Yes, we will all be there one day… it is great that there are products out there to help us get through it with grace (hopefully!)
    My just gave my mom a little Poise handheld fan that I got as a promotion, she was SOOO excited about it. Fun times all around

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