Visiting Europe: An Education The Whole Family

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If you’re looking for a family holiday that’s both fun and educational, Europe should be
number one on your list. The continent is bursting with culture, history, and tourist attractions
to suit all interests. With capital cities such as London, Paris, and Rome all within a day’s
travel, you can learn about the pope, the Bastille, and the Beatles all in one trip.

The History
Whatever period in history your child is studying, they can do first hand research in Europe.
If they want to know about the world wars, visits to Belgium or Berlin are recommended, or
if they’re interested in the Vikings or Tudors the English or Swedish countryside beckons.
There are fantastic museums at most of the important historical locations, such as the Anne
Frank Museum in Amsterdam or the Acropolis Museum in Athens.

The Art
A European holiday is a great way to learn about art, as many of the best galleries in the
world are located in European cities. These include the Louvre in Paris, where the Mona Lisa
is kept, and the Tate Modern in London where you can see work by many of the best modern
artists including Monet and Anish Kapoor. But not all the best art works in Europe are in
museums – you can also see great works of art in churches such as Michelangelo’s paintings

in the Sistine Chapel and on buildings such as the Parthenon in Greece.

The Food
Every European country has its own speciality foods, and many of the most popular foods
worldwide first originated in Europe. Italy is the European country whose cuisine has become
most popular around the world, and in cities such as Rome and Florence you can taste pizza,
pasta, and gelato ice cream exactly as it was intended to be made. If you visit France a daily
trip to a patisserie for breakfast or a snack is a must, while in Spain the traditional tapas bar
will provide something to suit everyone’s tastes.

The Languages
Wherever you go in Europe you will be able to get by as long as you speak English, but a
European holiday will give adults and kids the chance to test their foreign language skills.
Whether you learnt French, Spanish, Italian or German at school, you will have the chance to
speak the language with its native speakers and brush up on your skills if they’re a little rusty!
Even if you try and fail, the locals will appreciate that you made the effort.

The Culture
In Europe you can experience many different cultures, all within one continent. There is a big
difference in the way of life from Scandinavia in the North to sunny Spain, Italy or Greece in
the south, and to eastern countries such as Russia and Poland. In order to make the most of its
diversity, try booking yourself on one of the many Europe tours in order to see as much of it
as possible while you’re there. With so much history and tradition going into each country’s
identity, it is impossible to describe the culture of Europe as a continent – instead it is a
combination of all its fifty different nations!
Written by Kat Kraetzer, a passionate traveller and experienced travel writer


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