Tyson Chicken Nuggets Decorating #Mealstogether

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The holiday season is the time of year when our desserts and homes get a bit brighter and cheerier. More colors, more sparkle, and more light all grace our cookie sheets, front yards, and living rooms. But there is an often times forgotten friend who is remembered at meals often but not decorated in the slightest, the chicken nugget. This little morsel of meal time fun is prefect for a holiday make over- especially since it is often the only thing our toddlers will eat 🙂

IMG_0308Children across the country clamor for chicken nuggets daily for dinner, lunch and probably even breakfast. Why not make them special for your holidays? Chances are pretty good they will be included in the meal anyway, so don’t make them feel left out. Some ideas for decorating tools are: ketchup, mustard, ranch dressing, cherry tomatoes, cut spaghetti, tomato sauce, cheese slices, etc etc. If you put your mind to it I am sure you can even re-create the Night Before Christmas with Tyson chicken nuggets and spaghetti. Right up to tucking the nuggets into a sliced American cheese bed.


In our home Little Man is the primary consumer of chicken nuggets. As with many of his foods, sauces are a no no. Sometimes ketchup is acceptable, but for the most part, food is meant to be savored by itself, to truly appreciate the flavors…. I am assuming. The actual reasoning behind this changes daily. So instead of decorating the nuggets themselves, we created a holiday scene for them to visit before the dangerous travel to Little Man’s tum-tum.


To create this winter wonderland, we took a trip to Sam’s Club and grabbed some Tyson Chicken Nuggets as well as a gingerbread house kit. (See more photos HERE)

When we got home, we made a mini gingerbread house, with pretzel ‘gutters’, so the savory chicken nuggets didn’t feel out of place among all the sugary sweet of their winter getaway.

Little Man had a blast playing with his food and then devouring the tasty nuggets lickety split.

We do have some ideas for chicken nugget decorating.

One of which is: Nugget Tree.

Take about seven nuggets and make a triangle with six of them, three along the bottom, two above that and one at the top. The last nugget will be the ‘trunk’ of our tree. You should now have a basic tree shape. Now decorate as you would a tree but instead of lights and tinsel use ketchup and ranch dressing, or honey mustard and cheese sauce or spaghetti noodles. Finally use cherry tomatoes as ornaments and serve. This is sure to be a big hit with little ones, especially. We also had gone to Walmart earlier in the week, so we had TONS of shapes and flavors of Tyson chicken for our festive gingerbread house.

For more ideas on nugget decorating tips, check out Tyson’s Facebook page.

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  1. hmmm.. I wonder if I could make a gingerbread house WITH the nuggets! Now I may have to do some more decorating! Cute ideas =]

  2. I really love these. Easy to prepare and super good.

  3. Too cute! My toddler will LOVE doing this. He loves nuggets and crafty projects!

  4. What a great idea to use food to make a Christmas tree..That sounds like a delicious idea.

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