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Winter is upon us in full force, and with winter comes the realization the kids need more clothes. Usually in the form of warmer shirts, long pants, or just a warmer winter jacket (that fits). But one of the often overlooked winter garments are the underthings. That is the undershirts, underwear, socks, tights, anything that can be used to layer your clothes or go underneath the top layer.

French Toast Sweater

French Toast School Uniform Sweater

Cookie’s Kids not only carries a large amount of kids underpants and under-things, but also an extensive amount of winter fashion, prefect for the return to school after winter break. To help find the perfect size for the outfits of your little ones, Cookie’s Kids now has Alva Kids. Alva Kids lets you input various measurements and facts about your child and their size, then suggests the perfect size depending on the article of clothing. A very interesting characteristic of this is it’s ability to save your settings and carry them over to other pieces, so you will always have the perfect size. Check out my online shopping adventure with Cookie’s Kids by clicking on my Google Plus album.


When shopping online at, this definitely makes things easier and quicker both for shopping for this season or for grabbing something for next year.


Online shopping is not always the best for shopping for kids clothing sometimes, especially for those picky little ones, so keep in mind Cookie’s Kids also has seven New York City area retail location as well as the easy to use Ava app.

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  1. He is soooo cute. I haven’t actually tried Cookie’s Kids, I’ll have to have a pop over.

  2. Is there anything they don’t sell? I think I have been on their site for an hour (well, not really, but for a while and enjoying what I see)!

  3. What a cutie he is. I love Cookies Kids we shop there (online) often!

  4. Cute clothes. My kids never seem to have enough underthings, and always need new socks, especially in the winter.

  5. He looks very cute. Sounds like a great place to buy clothes for kids.

  6. I spend lot of money on baby’s cloth 😐 but it a happy spending 🙂 new family member hehehe



  7. What a cute little guy!

  8. He looks so cute all dressed up. Love Cookie Kids site.

  9. He looks too adorable in that uniform!

  10. Oh, so true!! So much more than just shirts and pants to think about. Love that sweater from French Toast.

  11. Every time I see him I smile!! Those curls!!!! He’d look awesome in anything, seriously… 😉

  12. He is adorable and I am so happy to see them supporting such a good cause! Thanks for sharing!

  13. How cute is he all sharply dressed. I’ll have to check them out once I have some kiddos.

  14. Sharp little dude! Love Cookies Kids!!!

  15. Your son is just the cutest little model! Those clothes are adorable!

  16. Thanks for all the useful information. Love the art on the wall!!

  17. One stop shopping like that is super helpful and convenient these days, so thanks for letting us know they have all that stuff!

  18. What a cutie pie 🙂 those clothes are adorable…I wish I had grandchildren so I could buy some…hopefully soon 🙂

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