Greetings from Disney World!

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FL 2- New Years 2013 329Hello from Under the Sea! In new Fantasyland, Little Man meets with Ariel, the Little Mermaid in her new meet and greet area. We have never seen her in her fins before 🙂

The lines were insane- Disney, and Orlando as a whole was A- COLD, and B- really, really crowded during the holidays. I don’t think I will venture to this particular area this time of year again! I was hoping it would be less crazy then my area- which would not be hard- EPIC FAIL, lol. It was even more crowded then the tree lighting at Rockerfeller Center in some places. Bananas. That said- I do prefer to travel during off seasons, since I really don’t love crowds. But know what we did love? The new Fantasyland. And always, always do Fastpass- best option on crowded days.

Our day at Disney was not too cold- high 60’s, which was about as high as it got while we were there. It went into the 30’s if you can believe that! I couldn’t, haha.

The new FantasyLand was really fun- mostly all about Beauty and the Beast, Ariel and The Little Mermaid, and the Storybook Circus.

I will have lots more for you later- just wanted to say “hello!” and we missed you all! 🙂 Hope you had a great New Year’s Eve!

~Samantha and family



  1. We are thinking of going this year with our toddler!

  2. Such a cutie he is…love the pics..Wish we could go sometime.

  3. The Nerdy Nurse says:

    We went the week after thanksgiving and we were really disappointed with how crowded it was. All the crowd calendars I read said it was the 3rd least busy week of the year, but I couldn’t tell.

  4. Awesome picture! We are hoping to take our daughter one day soon 🙂 lol normally I would say the temps there are pretty warm for winter but we have had an insane winter in the south this year lol I hope the rest of your trip is fantastic and you create lots of amazing memories! (and share more awesome photos)

  5. Oh, how nice. We were suppose to go last year, but because I was pregnant, we decided to wait. So, maybe next year once the little one is 1 or 2 we will go. It’s fun when they can walk a little. It looks like you had a great time. Love the picture!!! Too cute.

  6. hubby is going to run the disney marathon in 2 weeks. last year when we all went with him in mid january it was nearly empty!

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