National Geographic Books for Kids

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Today we are going to look at a few new National Geographic books which are now available in a book store near you.

animalFirst up is Animal Encyclopedia. This book is big, it is 9 1/2 by 12 inches and over 300 pages long. The encyclopedia is a wonderful reference for everyone in the family. It contains over 2,500 species. Each entry includes the animals habitat, what their diet consists of, their weight and height as well as some fun facts. There are also over 1,000 full color pictures of the critters which are of the National Geographic quality of photos, its almost like being there next to them. The book is broken into sections by animal, there are mammals, birds, invertebrates, reptiles, amphibians and fish. What I find interesting about this book is that it’s the perfect table top book. Kids and adults alike like to flip through it, or pick out their favorite animals and read a quick snippet of information about them, or just flip to a random page and check out the animal. Not only is this a nice table top book, but it would also fit perfectly on that book shelf in your kid’s room, so if during homework they need to find out what the diet of the ring tailed pheasant is, the knowledge is at their finger tips.

spaceNext up is a new one in the National Geographic Kids line of books. This line is geared toward little ones aged 3-6, by featuring big colorful pictures and simple sentences to keep the kids enthused while also teaching them a thing or two about the topic at hand. The book is First Big Book of Space. This book is 126 pages long and covers many space topics including stars, planets, and asteroids. Little Man is very curious about space right now, so this book is right up his alley. He loves to learn new facts about the planets and anything else out in the cosmos. The pictures grab his attention and instead of flipping through to see whats next, he listens carefully about the topic. Each topic has huge pictures, fun facts, and the information is presented in a kid friendly way. Kid friendly meaning it is presented in a few different ways, sometimes with lots of pictures, sometimes puzzles, sometimes question and answer, but all time fun.

angrybirdsAnd last but not least is National Geographic Kids Angy Birds Playground Animals. This book presents different animals in an encyclopedia format organized by geographic location. While learning about these animals, the Angry Birds are on the hunt for their eggs and have witty remarks at every turn. They ask the animals for help in their quest around the world and learn about different climates and animals along the way. This is another one Little Man liked a lot. He is a very big angry birds fan as well as an animal lover, so this book is perfect fit.


  1. My children would really enjoy this!

  2. I used to love using these in my classroom. Kids love them!!

  3. These were my favorite types of reading when i was a kid. I still find these interesting!

  4. The angry birds one is fantastic. I love the concept

  5. My son loves National Geographic for kids.

  6. Love NatGeo books. The photos are always so vibrant and breathtaking. Nature is amazing.

  7. These look really cool! My son is starting to get more into books and would love these.

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