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Love, love, love Little Pim. Perfect for my classroom, home, or a quick on-the-plane or in the airport language brush up- and the kids really look forward to “Pim Time”. Little Pim is a fun and unique edu-tainment line I wouldn’t be without.

little pimLittle Pim is perfect for my classroom, home, or a quick on-the-plane or in the airport language brush up- and the kids really look forward to “Pim Time”. Little Pim is a fun and unique edu-tainment line I wouldn’t be without. Little Pim teaches children a new language (or brushes up skills) through the usage of DVD’s CD’s, toys, books and games, with perhaps the most well known being the DVD’s. The way Pim DVD’s teach is through examples in short segments, each being 5 minutes long, which are part of a much larger theme, IE Spanish Disc 3 is Playtime. Throughout the disc, children are shown 60 words and phrases which work with the playing theme. This way of educating is called Entertaining Immersion Method. Each Pim disc is jam packed with learning by diagram, example action and most of all fun.

Not only does Pim teach Spanish, but also French, Arabic, Russian, and Japanese. Little Pim is also adorable, with his short but sweet DVD’s, each of which clock in at 35 minutes long. This gives mom and dad a breather for a little bit, and the little ones a little language lesson at the same time- not turning the kiddos into brain-dead zombies. Afterward, follow up with your child to see what they learned- excellent diner conversation, and practice as well.

Not only does Pim have DVD’s but also music with languages in the form of CD’s. The French Bop CD (for example) has 15 well known French children songs, all of which will help your little ones further understand the language and French culture. Some of the songs are: Tap, Tap, Tap, and Les Petites Marionettes. To round out our French learning experience there are also word and phrase cards to quiz your kids with. Perhaps your child may not remember the words all the time, but both they and you will be thrilled as they get the words right and their vocabulary builds. With practice, patience, and Pim, I am sure in no time he will be our little tour guide through the fields of France.

little pim backpackLittle Pim has now made their award-winning language learning program available digitally. Sold in Spanish, French, Chinese, English/ESL and the newly added Brazilian Portuguese, the 35-minute episodes can be easily downloaded digitally for tablets and smartphones available through the Little Pim website:

Little Pim is now also available digitally on LeapFrog. “Eating and Drinking ” and “Wake Up Smiling” have just been released through LeapFrog’s video app center in Spanish, French and English/ESL, and Chinese Mandarin, German and Italian apps for “Eating and Drinking”. The third video app, “Playtime” teaches another 60 words and phrases around the wonders of play, from blocks to boats.

Each episode is theme based and can be introduced in any order. These video apps teach young children more than 60 words and phrases for morning and evening routines such as waking up, getting dressed and brushing teeth.

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Newmark LearningAll kids needs help and encouragement in school. The kids who do great in school, do so for a reason. Extra help at home, knowing that they have your support, and that extra effort from the student will make all the difference. Newmark Learning is fantastic- a great all in one program. It’s very interesting, a new take on some old ideas- and it works.

A great way to get involved with your kids education at home is spending time working with them, and encouraging them. It’s easy to put it all on the teacher, but no matter how busy life gets, we must make time to work with our little scholars if we want them to move up stay on top of their goals. It’s vital and important as parents to help them get ahead- or stay ahead.

A great way to do this is with the Newmark Parent Involvement kits. These kits are great, simple and just fun for you and your child. They include books geared toward a certain subject, as well as a a parent guide and a reading journal. The books are easy to read and perfect for little readers. We gave the Social Studies Parent Involvement Kit a try. This particular kit is geared toward Pre K through second grade. The books involve topics like, maps, birthdays, towns, etc. All topics easily accessible to little ones. The vibrant, large pictures and simple words are a great way to get kids to read along with parents at story time.

There is also another product available from Newmark I found very useful,called Sight Word Readers. This is a great way to teach little ones sight words, words which are read quickly and almost breezed over when reading. These books range in topic from baby animals to vegetables and counting. After 2-3 “read throughs” to your child they will actually read along, then the next time they can read it themselves (which they will be very proud of themselves for, and so will you).

newmark booksThere are only a few words and they are all associated with pictures, which is fun for kids and not a “chore” or boring at all. It was wonderful to see my own child flip through a book, not guessing what it says but looking at the words and comprehending what they represent as well as reading them out loud. I know I was thoroughly impressed and enjoyed these books thoroughly. Give one book a try, I can almost promise you will be getting more in a few weeks. Sight words on cards are not fun. These are fun. And DVDs of sight words may be fun, but are not YOU spending time and interacting and encouraging your child. This is by far and away the best program I have ever used, perfect for home, home schooling, or the classroom.

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  1. What a great product! I’m sure this would be a great resource for any parent.

  2. I like that this is available in different languages.

  3. I didn’t know you could choose by theme instead of having to go in sequence. I like that!

  4. I’ve heard of this educational system, but not in depth like this before. This definitely seems like a great educational system that my kids could really get into and enjoy! I love the entertainment emersion to learning that it offers.

  5. Wow, Little Pim sounds fantastic for kids 🙂
    Great work!

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