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Ever since Little Man was a little squirt he has always wanted, “a belt like daddy”.  Daddy wears a belt almost every day to work or with jeans.  Yes, sometimes even daddies get a sweatpants day, but they are quite infrequent here since this daddy really hates sweatpants.  As school rolls around, we find there are belts in his size and he is excited.  He is not great, however, at working the belts.  He has a hard time with them.  Whats a squirt to do?  Myselfbelts is made just for kids, and they make it easy for them to use.

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Myselfbelts specializes in belts made for little ones.  The belt is the only one handed belt available and is so simple it is surprising it isn’t used more often.  To use the belt: one end of the belt is attached to the first belt loop of the pants.  Then the rest of the belt is fed through the loops like normal.  When you get to the front the unattached end sticks to the attached end of the belt and thus it is closed.  The belt is easy to open and is perfect for little kids.  There is no where to catch a little finger in and with the wide array of styles it would be difficult to not find a belt which would be perfect for anyone.

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Also- you can enter to win some great prizes for back to school.  They have launched a back to school photo contest with great prizes.

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