Halloween Adventure Spyro Boys Costume

With school days starting up again, the next big holiday to prep for is one of the favorites in our house, All Hollow’s Eve or Halloween.  Halloween is great because for one day a year, everyone can be who they want to be, instead of who they have to be.  Reality is a little thinner and costumes are the norm.

spyro costume

Every Halloween follows the ritual of, “What do you want to be or Halloween?” No matter what your pleasure, shopping online makes finding what you want so much easier then battling hordes at the local stores.

For many, choosing the “right” costume is dictated by a few things:

1) Scary or sweet? – If your little one a blood and gore kind of kid or a more character driven individual.  Little Man is definitely character driven and loves to dress up as his favorite characters or animals.

2) What new movies, games, TV shows are out?  The newest stuff is always the ‘coolest’.  Be it video games, movies or TV shows, try and find out what your little ones are into now.  This can be difficult to differentiate between the cool ‘right now’ stuff or the cool current stuff.  Sure Annoying Orange might be cool right now, but is it really more fun then Skylanders?  Not if you are my son, LOL.

Most kids want a current costume which will be popular and is something ‘cool’.  Boys Halloween Costumes can be hard to find in the size and style your kid wants- so again, I advocate shopping online.

skylanders costume

The costume choices were many at Halloween Adventure, and the decision was difficult, but it came down to Spyro, a Skylanders Halloween Costume.  Little Man is on a Skylanders kick at the moment and Spyro is a perfect costume for him.

When the costume arrived he had to right away dig in and try it on.  The costume is a bit large but that will work out,  because he is going to want to wear this often.  He wears costumes year round, not just Halloween.  The costume includes mask, wings, feet and hand covers as well as the jumpsuit to complete the dragon look.

Halloween Adventure has costumes for all ages from adults right on through to toddlers.  Be they boys or girls, women or men everyone can pick a costume.  There are classic costumes like princesses and ninjas as well as newer characters like Pikachu and Perry the Platypus.


  1. my son wants to be a skylander for h’ween too!!

    your little dude looks AWESOME. i won’t say cute, i remember when my son turned 5 if i said cute he’d never touch again

  2. Ellen Christian says:

    What a cute choice for a costume! He looks thrilled!

  3. Melissa Lawler says:

    That costume is adorable. I bet my grandson would love it!

  4. Awe, he is too cute! My son is the same age and would love this one too.

  5. what a cute costume. Makes me wish my son was young enough to wear it.

  6. LOL! What an adorable dragon costume! Skylanders are so popular right now!

  7. That is awesome!
    Abut time there were some Skylanders costumes!
    I need one in my size!

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