5 Toddler Birthday Party Planning Tips

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Your toddler is getting to an age when he or she can begin to appreciate and enjoy a birthday party! He or she will be excited to play with all of their friends, enjoy yummy food, and open presents and toys! When planning a toddler birthday party, it is important to consider these 5 tips to help keep yourself organized and stress free throughout the process and the event.

Plan Ahead

  1. Start planning at least a month ahead of time in order to give yourself ample time to make sure everything is in order. Making a checklist can help you to keep track of what you will need as well as phone calls you need to make, and invitations you need to send. Break everything down into major categories such as food and cake, games, decorations, invitations, goody bags, and entertainment.

  2. Next, choose a date and time that will work best for you. Check with some guest first to see if this seems like a good day for most people. Just be sure not to conflict with any other big events like a school function or another party. Once you have the day, it is often a good idea to choose an afternoon party. This will give you plenty of time to set up and get ready before your party guests arrive for the festivities.

  3. Try to make food or decorations ahead of time whenever possible. You can fill gift bags weeks ahead of time so that they are ready to go on the big day. In addition, you can bake or cook a day or two prior so that you aren’t stressing the morning of the party. You can make some foods like cake as much as a week ahead of time and freeze it for a convenient food situation!

  4. While your birthday boy or girl is likely too young to help out, try to get the rest of your family involved in the party set up process including your spouse and your child’s brothers and sisters. Making this a fun family event can bring everyone together and help increase the excitement for your toddler, while also lifting the burden off of you so that you can attend to the birthday kid and stay organized.Make sure that any games or entertainment are appropriate for toddler aged children. Most toddlers do not require much structure during a birthday party since they are happy socializing and playing around in a yard or indoor play area. To enhance their playtime, incorporate simple playthings and items such as bubbles to entertain and fascinate your party guests.

  5. Using these helpful and effective tips during your toddler’s birthday party planning process will make the process seamless, simple and successful! Begin planning early, check dates and times, make some food and bag dinosaur corporation goody bags ahead of time to reduce stress, recruit decoration helpers, and host appropriate games and entertainment for toddlers in order to host a wonderful birthday party celebration that your child will absolutely adore.


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